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Hi, my name is Renna
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The life I once had (4)

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By stianna321 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-03-17 15:04:41 All stories by stianna321
I was truly shocked at that "A GIRL CANT DO THAT!!!!" I rage one screaming and yelling "For your information girls can do lots of thing you may not believe! May be more than you can" I pushed him on to the ground and walk away growling. I took pride in being the black and red wolf and I not being a "queen" to just give up the confidence most people had in me. People considered me remarkably beautiful and stunning in a dress. And a lot when I get my hair done guy don't recognize me and sometime try to kiss me but I normally just kick there face in a wall somewhere.

They normally stop bothering me after that cause they know who I am. He came chasing me out of the castle. He yelled after me but I chose to ignore the so called "prince" voice. people looked at me in my funny little gown and blond hair like I was insane for wearing it. But when they saw the prince they understood for some reason, but who in there right mind would understand that. When I got home I got in my normal clothes and my famous "red wolf clothes". They where my signature look for when I work. I also turned my hair around. I put it up in a spiking bun with lots of hair coming out. I put on a top hat and ran outside. Finding out the prince followed me home.

I lived in a mansion and loved every minute I away from it. The prince was shocked at what I looked like. He stuttered every on every word he said " Y...y....your" I just stood 5 feet away from the prince waving my tail back and forth. "I said I the guardian of the forest now I going to work." The prince followed me into the woods. I studied the prince. "Aren't to you one of us...." The prince nodded. "what are you then? I don't see tail or ears...." suddenly Knives fell on the prince back and winked at Dark that was beside me. Dark grab my hand and ran to the valley in the middle of the forest. Knives grabbed the prince and dragged the knocked out prince to the valley as well. When we got there the prince was all scratched up and Knives and Dark and I where breathing hard. I fell on the ground and laid. "Never and I mean never do that again Dark." I said. Knives fell to the ground and laid near me too. But all the grass around him was dead.

The prince look at them wide eyed. "Who are you guys?" Raising his eyebrow. "and where are we? And what Up with the names Knives and dark and what are you guys?!?" Look at them. Dark answered with a alone voice like if he never talked to anyone in years "I am her first master and a angle" He winked at me. I blushed a bit and pretended I didn't see it. But he knew I did. Knives got up and looked at him. "I am her second master and a demon" I sat up and Dark and Knives sat by me. Knives looked at Dark and you could see they where mad at each other. Knives put his arm around me and pulled me toward him. This was how it was like when I was I kid. Dark and Knives would fight over me at this valley only some people knew about. We named it the valley of happiness. It where we met and played.

Dark petted me. And I blushed when he petted my tail. The prince was mad when I blushed. Dark and Knives look at him and at me. They got even closer to me and smirked at him. I blushed even more. They got closer and every time they did this I blushed even more. Soon there face was only one inche away from my face they got a little closer and kissed my cheek.

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