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Hi, my name is Mallory
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The Witness #5

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Created: 2005-04-06 16:51:44 All stories by
When I got to the barber shop, I was so broken down, because of what I just saw. I needed a major spa treatment,but I settled for a haircut. But when I got there, I saw my cru*sh Cameron.

"Hey Mallory!" Cameron said

"Hey Cameron,are you going to the home*coming da*nce tomorrow?"

"Ya,but I think Im just going to go with my friends.....unless,I no this is a little late,and you probably already have a da*te,but do you want to go with me?"Cameron asked

"Oh, sure! I dont have a da*te, I wasnt planning on going, but now I am!" I said

"Great! So I`ll pick you up at 6, for dinner ok?" Cameron asked

"Yeah,can you excuse me for a minute? I have to go call my house then I have to call Brooke"

"Oh, ok. Do you ahve to tell your mom your going to be late?"

"Well, I have to tell my Dad,my mom di*ed a few years ago...."

"Oh, Im sorry, I didnt no."

"I no." I said, as I went to dial my # 867-5309, and my best friend Brooke`s cell phone 555-5555.

**Dont dial these #`s they dont work!!!**


Read The Witness #6, to see what happens at the homecoming dance with Cameron

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Madison, WI
All My Stories
Posted On: November 22, 2010
lol 555-5555! that wuld b awesome to have a number like tht
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