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Hi, my name is Aspen
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The Haze

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By ThexOnlyxException Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2012-11-11 01:13:41 All stories by ThexOnlyxException
Where there is Light there must be Shadow;

So it's where He is that my soul goes.

Corrupt, We forcibly conquered Night.

His brightness shined quite majestically,

and though my Shadow threw the balance,

equality was again restored.

My heart, once so darkened and fragile

it swims in pureness yet again

while sometimes afraid I'm still agile

courage leant to me by My Dearest

The Haze, intangible, protects Him;

everything my identity loves,

always what my heart will remember,

and what Magick understands as Hers.

What is true, decides the estranged fates,

and as I have joined Him and Light,

I have become but a widow peasant,

while He took The Queen that He deserves.

Contently I curtsy at full peace,

my fallen Prince, recovered, is King.


This will turn into a story somehow. Eventually. Just give me time. Dx

DERP DERP DERP content bananas hoopla hoopla!

I LIKE WEARING CUPCAKES AS PANTS. A kitten dies every time you don't rate. LIKE WH.ORING IS A SIN. Rate wh.oring is slightly more acceptable... Comment if you breathe sometimes! Tell me what you think if you have fingers. Remind me why I should wear pants if you think I shouldn't remain n4ked.

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