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Hi, my name is Jessica
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The Black Dress

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By DawnRose12 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-05 10:21:30 All stories by DawnRose12
Jessica was a 16 year old, quiet, girl.

She had heard rumors about a black and pink dress in a store down the street called Legends. Jessica was walking home from school with her friend Lacy, Lacy, was 16, and loved thin clothing, "Jess, ya know that shop over there called Legends?" Lacy said.

"Yea, course I have." Jessica replied. "Why?"

"How about we go take a look at that black and pink dress." Lacy suggested.

"Ok" Jessica answered.

They walked down to Legends and went inside, the first thing they saw was a beautiful black and pink dress. "How much is it?" Jessica asked the cashier.

"200,000 Dollars." The cashier answered. "But tomorrow, from 7-7:15 its free."

"Gwah!!" Jessica exclaimed. "Well, see you tomorrow!!"

Jessica grabbed Lacy and ran outside.

The next day Jessica walked to school. Not with Lacy though. She got to Legends at 7: 06. She saw the black and pink dress and bought it. When she put in on she started glowing, and lived happily ever after.

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