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Hi, my name is Rachel
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Stains of Red

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By lyndsayviveiros Send DollMail
Created: 2013-06-11 02:32:23 All stories by lyndsayviveiros
This is a spoken word piece that can together in a moment full of mixed emotions. First spoken word piece I've written.

And so it seemed

That everywhere I looked

Every place I went

Was stained by us.

And at the time when it was us

That’s what I planned

But now

Now that it is you

And now, now that it is me

And all that is left of us

Is a memory

I try to erase those stains

Wipe them clean and cry them white

Instead of red

Or black or blue

Or any other colour that reminds me of you

Because this is not what we bargained for

When we said we will just be friends

The cliché line that for us

for us was going to be true

But you see


Now that we are two instead of one

I understand there was never you or me but we

And we didn’t know how hard it would be

How hard it would be to break that one


And separately try to find the two we started with

Because you see I told you everything

Everything about me as one and I told you everything about me as we

Because what we didn’t know

Was how hard it would be

And so I search

Search for something that was mine

Not ours

Not clouded by baseball bats

Or rain parades

No walks around the block

Or starry night talks

Not covered by roses or movies

Or rivalry hockey games

Textbooks, and tests, and pizzas, and games

Not drenched in unfulfilled promises

Or late night wishes

Because you see just friends

Just friends was ok, we had done it before

But we had never been ones to settle for just ok

see we soon realized

It’s a cliché for a reason

We fell into the trap

The trap of believing we could beat the odds

Friends, best friends, special friends then back to friends

But you see,

we lost everything

everything we had invested in

and like a crash of stock markets

those memories robbed us

robbed us of ever being able to be just friends

because everywhere we go

everywhere we look

those places that were just for us

stayed as places just for us

now they are tainted

So I ran off

Away from those places we called home

And away from promises of one days

And some days

So some day I’ll come back

and see them as milestones

but now

now they are cloaked with

“what ifs”

and “but you said”

empty promises and regrets

those places are covered in stains

stains of red

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