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Hi, my name is Sarah
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Seth's Party 5

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Created: 2005-01-08 00:15:03 All stories by
"So was going to the party a good thing?" asked leanna smiling. Leanna talked with Miah most of the time at the party,(which she didnt mind at all) 'cause she didnt want to ruin it with sarah and seth. when it was time to go they were still sitting on the couch, deep in conversation. When they were leaving seth hugged sarah goodbye and gave her a kiss on the cheek. she quickly walked out to the car, blushing.

"yea it was a good idea. but i dont think he likes me." sarah said brushing out her long, soft, blond hair.

"how can u say he doesnt like you?! yall talked during the whole party and he gave u a kiss!" leanna replied, practically shouting.

"it was only a kiss on the cheek..."sarah said quietly.

"hey its a kiss wasnt it?" leanna said "it was me who kissed matt on the cheek after the band pool party and out of the 2 months we went out he only kissed me on the cheek maybe 2 or 3 times."

"i think you still like him 'cause you talk about him all the time." sarah said eyeing her....

Catch Seth's Party 6--coming soon

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