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Hi, my name is Serenity
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Serenity's story

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-04-21 19:01:54 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
(After Rinna)


Name~ Serenity Woods

Age~ 7

Looks~ look at doll


I waited with Rinna in the waiting room Kevin was with Becca she started screaming if he left we noticed that at home when he had to go to school Becca screamed and cried till he got home "Do you think she will be ok?" I asked Rinna nodded "Remember right now she is using Kevin's powers and energy to support her self" she said I laughed "Poor Kevin" I said she didn't laugh "Get over it ok? he is with your sister you should be happy he has built a life for him, you, me, and Becca and you want to destroy it!" I said mad "I am Not!" she screamed at me "Yes, you are." I said tears rolling down my face I wasn't a little kid I knew what she was doing Yes I was only 7 but I was the daughter of a powerful King and important Queen I wasn't a joke around here if I asked for something I got it no questions asked when Becca finally allowed visitors she was pale and weak Kevin sat on the edge of her bed he was pale too. but not weak he held her hand giving her energy and support I smiled and looked at the sleeping twins I was happy I wasn't the spoiled little kid

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