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Hi, my name is S,R
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Rinna's story

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-04-21 18:42:18 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2
(Comes after Becca)


Name~ Rinna

Age~ 13

Looks~ is the one in purple


I watched Becca throughout the wedding she seemed over joyed to have made it known to everyone that Kevin was hers no one or thing would take him from her she knew that almost as well as I did....... I kinda used to have a crush on Kevin when I was young before me and Becca knew we where sisters Kevin helped me with everything he never got mad if I did wrong No I thought he loved me then Katja told me about Becca when Kevin was younger he used to get very sick and one day he almost died Becca went up to his room wanting to meet her prince before he died Kevin's father didn't like how she just walked in soon day after day she kept coming and Kevin got better soon they started becoming friends and started dating then they had Serenity and got married now they where together forever I didn't like that thought I shrugged it off we got home and I was still frowning I wanted Kevin to my self

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