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Hi, my name is Mellina Morris
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Once upon a memory Chapter 6

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By sing_with_me Send DollMail
Created: 2008-07-27 22:15:58 All stories by sing_with_me
Hey everyone I'm back! Okay, where was I? Oh yes, Melly had met a pair of twins that were strangeley annoying. What ever happened to Serena? Well, let's check in with her, shall we? This story includes...Rotting pancakes, a mysterous docter, Twins with problems, and situations that have no end. Hope you enjoy! Here is Serena!

Serena crawled up from the backseat of her Ford truck. 'What had happen?' she thought to herself. She looked up and around, she was in her car. She sat up and crawled sleepingly to the front seat. 'I can't remember what happened last night. What happen? Everything is foggy. I have to get home to Grandma, she must be worried sick.' Then it all came back to her. Her grandma, Her house, that night. Then she remembered the goo she had felt and looked down. It was all gone. She felt the seat and looked below. It was dry like it never happened. She looked out the window again and realized she was behind a Taco Bell, in a tree. She gasped and looked around for her keys. Fumbaling around in the mess of bubblegum wrappers, paper, and Elmo stickers she found the keys. She shakingly pushed them and turned enough where the engine roared, it shook the whole tree. There was a big whoosh and then a crash and as Serena looked up, she and the car was on the ground.

She turned the wheel and started pushing on the gas. She squieled out of the Taco Bell parking lot leaving nothing but dust behind. Crackles and branches snapped under her tires as she drove about 50 going down route 55 heading straight for the place she remembered the most, her home. Turning into a small dirt road on the left lead into the trees and she followed all the way down and turned. She remebered, she pulled into a driveway that was a good length and jumped out. She wished with all her heart this was it, would she be able to jump into her own bed and see or hear her Grandmother again? She knocked on the door. There was a number that started to fade into her mind like a movie screen but the Imagery or the Editing was horrible. 7...45...6..or was it 7?

She looked up above the door and on the glass was 7457. An elderly lady answered the door. "Serena? I thought you were gone!" She jumped out of her wheel chair. Everything came back. Her name was Serena, Her grandmother had breast cancer, her parents gave her to her grandmother when she was 3 and they left for Vegas, she thinks marshmellows are amusing but yet annoying, she loves the color black, when she came home with blue strieks in her hair her grandma threw a knife at her head (she ducked and it flung into the wall.) Everything came back to her. She swung her grandmother around and sat her back down her wheel chair and pushed her back into the house. "Everything, I hid everything!" she twirled around in the living room. "Your such a crazy girl, you remind me so much of me when I was your age." Her grandmother caught her breath. Serena stopped and looked at her like she would die in that very spot. That broke the momment. Serena ran up the stairs and hoped over a bottle of pills and opened her bedroom door. Falling on a fluff of black and blue pillows and cushions she fell into a deep sleep. Where she tryed to play back what really happened last night.

(Back to Melly.)

I smelled the air, confused or dismayed whatever word fit my emotion at the minute. I smelled pancakes? Rotting? I held my nose. Gross! "I know, it's my brother's Tuna Cassarole. It's horrible." Stacey covered her nose also. "Is this suppose to be dinner?" I asked. Stacey nodded hesitantley. My belly grumbled and then dyed down at the thought of rotting pancakes. I got up and walked over to the bathroom. I opened the door to find a very cute bathroom. Little pink cats and paw print carpet bordered everything. I looked in the mirror. Who ever I was, I had luck with my looks. I twirled my hair. How cute am I? I twirled in a circle, in a momment of modeling. I tripped over the trash can and my foot landed in their tiolet. "Ewww, how nasty." I heard running so I quickley grabbed a towel and dryed my foot and threw it in the tub. "Are you okay?" Stacey asked. I nodded and came out of the bathroom door. A man with s horrible cut beard stood in the door way, I felt as if I was looking straight at death. He held a hammer in his hand, blood red stained. His mask on his face was white like a docters. I could see a big grin spread across his face. I didn't like him at all.

Hoped you like it. Chapter 7 is coming!

Member Comments  

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Posted On: August 23, 2008
Oi, I just realized that the "annoying twins with problems" are MINE!!! Ahah, didnt see that one coming!


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: July 28, 2008

that guy is scary *shudder*

5*s I can't wait form more ^.^

Sorry it took so long for me to read it

I've been busy, hectic week *sighs*

But, I loved it ^.^

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