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Hi, my name is Kitsune
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By VoidMaster Send DollMail
Created: 2013-02-25 20:06:06 All stories by VoidMaster
KK So ya totally heard about one of my BFFs Xena. But I am Kitsune the hot sword weilding diva. I am THE girl at school. No one can stop me. I'm also the oldest.

PROFILE: Kitsune

Animal: Fox

Element: Water

Color: Pink

So my moms parents. One was Japanese, one was American. My parents were both American. But my mother decided to call me Kitsune following tradition. I grew up in Vegas, my dad a drinker my mom a super gambler. One day we lost our family fortune in mom's craziest bet of all. I was sold to an antique sword dealer and made to be his s*x slave. it was torture. But I stole money from him one night and his best sword and ran away. I used all the money to pay for a train ticket for as far as I could go. I ended up at the smallest town I ever saw. A battered sign said "Welcome to Lockwood Oregon." I ran into the forest climbed a tree. That was my home for the next week. Then I had my first morphalia. I didn't reject it at all I loved it. I even loved my ears and tail in human form. I lived there for another year and practiced with my sword every day. Then, I saw a girl wander past my tree. Suddenly I saw her scream and have her morphalia ultima. I ran towards her...
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