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Hi, my name is Cassandra
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By CKF9393 Send DollMail
Created: 2005-05-20 14:36:20 All stories by CKF9393
That day, I came home from school and dragged my school books inside. Mother looked up at me and smiled, she asked me how my day was. "i'd rather not talk about it, Mother." I responded. Mother sighed and said, " WHat's wrong Cassandra?" She always knew when I was upset or something was wrong. I looked down and fiddled with the straight peice of messy blonde hair hanging down from my messy bun. I slowly answered, "I have just had a bad day. Briana tortured me, Kris told me he hated me and I didn't have enough money for lunch." Mother hugged me and comfortingly told me everything was alright. Mother held me in her arms. Mother always had been there for me, she was the most understanding person I had ever known. I sloppily grabbd my school books and tiredly headed up to my room. "I love you sunshine." Mother told me.

To be continued.....

By: CKF9393 & SGF9393

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