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Hi, my name is Kyle Matthews
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Love Bites

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By Froggy48433 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2012-11-27 13:57:16 All stories by Froggy48433
My name is Kyle Matthews and i have a secret. A terrible secret that caused my life to change forever. I am a werewolf.

My entire family is the leader of a clan in Rome, where our people live in the forest. A few miles away is a large castle where the Valcruze vampires live. I never asked for war, or for an arranged marriage to their daughter Emilia. So i faked my death and ran off to America with my Uncle Vito.

That was my mistake. There i met a beautiful girl, Maria Shawney. She was blind, but past that i could see a misunderstood person just like me. One thing led to another and i found myself in love. But the Valcruze found me and threatend Maria if i didnt return to Rome.

I couldnt leave Maria alone, so my Uncle helped me and we went back to Rome with Maria by my side. There we encountered problems and Maria was severly injured. There was only one way to save her and i did it. I turned her into a werewolf. But at what cost? Yes she was alive, but did i really do the right thing or did i endanger my entire clan...

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