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Hi, my name is Thunder
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Is This How They Felt? {{Poem}}

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By ResonantThunder Send DollMail
Created: 2008-08-13 10:26:18 All stories by ResonantThunder
Is This How They Felt?


Aching, gnawing, tearing

Away inside of me

A hope I may never accomplish

A dream wilder than all Iíve had

A reverie I canít snap out of

Iíve always been pretty realistic

But this dream tears me away from Earth

Is this how they felt?

Visions dance inside of my head

My heart races in my ears

All I can hear is the crowd

Screaming my name as I swim

And join the rank of the best

And be remembered through history

Is this how they felt?

I want this so bad, I canít explain

Itís like a heartache to prove

That I can achieve the impossible too

Itís a lot of work, Iím aware

And I might even be too old to start

But I canít let that stop me

From achieving this dream Iíve had

Since I saw my first Olympic games

Half of the journey Iíll take

Will be fulfilled if I at least try

And if I donít make it, next time

Iíll push the limits of my strength

And make sure I make that team

Is this how they felt?

I ready to give this a shot

Iím scared to death, but excited too

I can taste that water already

Itíll burn inside as I swim away

But it wonít tame the fire in my heart

If Iím good at this, well why not?

Why waste talent on anything but this?

Iíve always laughed at people

Whoíve had crazy dreams such as mine

Becoming famous in Hollywood

Or winning a marathon or two

But now I know how you feelÖ

Is this how chasing a dream feels?

Ready at any moment to risk it all

Just to achieve something youíve wanted

More than anything in your life

Iím right beside you now

Just as hopeful as you

Bound and determined not to fail

Despite what anyone says to me

They cannot take away how I feel

Is this how they felt?

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: August 13, 2008
I really like it!
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