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Hi, my name is Lisa
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I am not her~2~

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By dragonlore Send DollMail
Created: 2006-04-28 23:56:55 All stories by dragonlore
kitty-cat2: how?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

ghostboy: you don't remember today?

silent_wave: Yeah remember I'm Matt the coast gaurd?

kitty-cat2: I remember you Matt but not Carter.

ghostboy: well I didn't meet you today and nether did Matt we've known each other( all three of us) before you just don't remember.

kitty-cat2: No I don't and I am leaving NOW!

ghostboy: wait I'm not done

kitty-cat2 has logged off.

silent_wave: Mabey we should talk to her in person.

ghostboy: yeah she is so pretty I'll probably mess up like last time..

silent_wave: then I'll tell her lets go...

ghostboy has logged off.

silent_wave has logged off.

I shut down my computer and went down stairs. After getting a glass of milk and a cookie I went upstairs to change I was looking through my closet and picked out the perfect outfit.

I'll make it longer next time which is in a few minutes...

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