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Hi, my name is Jessica
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Gone so wrong.

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By Ndeex Send DollMail
Created: 2015-02-23 21:32:33 All stories by Ndeex
Have you ever looked round about you and realise how far things have got?, wonder and racking you brain for a reason, explanation, a way out of this mess your have got yourself in so far that feels like no escape?.

At some point in your life am sure these thoughts would pass through your puzzled mind.

Thoughts ran through my numb brain as my empty soulless eyes glazed out the steamed up dirty window at the life like teardrop rain. It seemed like the world was feeling as I was hopeless, dark, helpless, lifeless with no sign of brighting up or any change of shine and happiness...As I stared at the quickly dropping raindrops crashing down with some force on the black pavement road. My stare locked and turned into a daydream focus, with my imagination running high and wild, I started to imagine the worlds raindrops were the natures way of expressing its feelings with the rai as teardrops, I imagined I could feel the pain, the sadness looming over the ground with the dullness of the sky's air, the betrayal and anger as the lightening flashed cutting across the sky brighting up the sky like a dash of angry being lashed out. I could feel it as that's the way my life felt like, my life was crashing down around me and I had no way or no control over it to stop it. They raindrops where my tears, my anger, my betrayal and sadness the pain was my lifeless, hollow body.


I was brought back into my horrible body as I pulled my glaze away from the pain free world of imagination daydream to answer the door where the two powerful knocks had been struck upon. As my hand reached on the cold brass like handle of the old wooden door, i began to turn the handle clockwise, i took a deep breathe as the door swung open. I could feel my body shaking with the unknowing, worry, adrenaline pumping, running through my veins, blood and body. Then that dreadful voice pop back into my head constantly going over and over the same lines again and again.

How did I get here?, how has it gone all wrong?.

How can I get out off this?, what's the story and going to stick by?

Why me? Why me? WHY ME!!?

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: March 21, 2013
There is some small mistakes and grammar issue on this story I know this it is cause am writing it via my phone. And it is really annoying for me to fix these mistakes lol so please avoid the mistakes and sorry lol thanks and enjoy x x x
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