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Hi, my name is Jessica
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Gone so wrong part 2.

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By Ndeex Send DollMail
Created: 2015-02-23 21:31:16 All stories by Ndeex
Part 2.

Two tall smart uniform men stood at the door, before one of them could say a word I knew exactly what was going to be asked.

"We are here for a miss Jessica woodland," said one of the uniformed men.

I kept thinking to myself a could try in do a runner push my way through them, play them for fools and explain i wasn't Jessica. Anything at all just to get out of this nightmare hell, as I was not ready for whatever was going to happen to me next.

I looked at the tall,smartly dressed uniformed man again and realised there was no chance of escape, I stood there trembling, my mind running crazy with terror in my empty eyes as he moved his hand to his top right shoulder where a black mobile type phone was hanging from a clip. He pressed a button and replying to the person that had radio through to the phone.

"I am looking for a Jessica woodland is she here??" The question was repeated louder and firm this time so I knew this tall, slim but built guy was not going to tolerate any funny business and he looked too smart for any games.

"Yes," I reply sheepishly,

"Yes she is here?, yes u have seen her? Yes you are her?" The Look of confusion past though His mind, one of his eyebrows started to raise pushing the wrinkles to Imprint on his forehead even more.

"Yes, am Jessica," I knew what was coming next as I have watched a lot of program's on the telly, u just always think to yourself it's just telly, actors, it would never happen to me but oh boy how wrong was I, never have I ever imagined being in this situation and it was horrible as I have always pictured it would be.

"We are arresting you on the suspicion of the murder of Colin Kyle, you have the right to remain silence, whatever you do say may be used against u in evidence," well that's the way a can remember that statement as they read my rights out to me, it happened so fast next minute a know I had cuffs around my wrists, the shiny metal was digging in to my skin tightly, rubbing to causing red marks to appear on my skin.

I was marched down the close stairs passing my neighbours doors, I could just feel like eyes burning on my skin, watching me as I past their doors with their beaded eyes attached to their look holes on their large wooding doors, we walked down the two set of stairs whIch felt like a lifetime to reach the front entrance of the close door. As the office pressed the red exit button to release the doors locking system I held back my tears as the Hugh glass heavy door was pulled open. All i could see was the white police car with the big blue and red lights at the top of the car, but all that stood out to me was the big ,bold , blue letters on the side and bonnet of the car which put the fear in my heart...POLICE....the fear of the unknown of what was in store for me next.

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