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Hi, my name is Jessica
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Flight for our lives

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By Gothitelle Send DollMail
Created: 2012-11-10 21:00:50 All stories by Gothitelle
"But daddy!" I screamed, pounding my bloody fist on the table. My father, King Emile, was looking down at me.

"Jessica, darling, I'm not letting you go out and fight with the knights! You went out once without my permission and you nearly got yourself killed!" King Emile sighed, looking sympathetic and stern.


"No buts. Now, honey, go up to your room. End of discussion." I stomped to my room in the highest north tower. I looked out of the curtained windows and sighed, putting my elbow on the windowsill, brushing my hair forward and putting my hand on my chin. I looked down at the Knight's Keep and sighed.

"I wish I could do something..." I muttered. A bright light shown from behind me, and when I turned, it stayed on my back. I jumped and flipped, hoping I could catch a glimpse of what was going on, but when I was upside down, I felt wind on my back and I was staying upside down. I heard my father and mother coming up the stairs, and I flipped right side up.

"Princess Jessica, darling! We heard something in your room! We're coming to check!" Queen Charlotte shouted up the spiral staircase.

"Okay mom!" I yelled. When they stepped in, they gasped.

"J-J-Jessica honey! What-What happened?" King Emile asked breathlessly.

"What? What?!" I panicked.

"Jessica... You have... Wings...." My mother gasped.

"Wings?!" I screamed. Then I started to smile. "I have wings!" I did several flips in the air. "Woo!!! This is so fun!"

"Honey, get down from there!" My father yelled, but my mother muttered something to him and he stopped talking.

"I'll be back!" I yelled. I flew out of the window and my wings shown brightly, casting colors onto the Knight's Keep below. I waved to a few of the knights down their and flew off across the lake, my purple long dress flowing, my purple Mary-Janes shining. I put my gloves on and soared back to my room in the castle, feeling more confident and feeling that my life will be a lot funner.

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