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Hi, my name is Arianna and Joel
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Eternal (Understanding PT 2)

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Arianna picked up a handful of dirt and threw it over her sister’s lowered casket. All around her, people did the same. She turned to her friend, Joel, who nodded silently to her. She then took another handful of the cemetery earth and turned to the right, scattering it over Joel’s brother, Benji’s, casket. After, she walked away, walking through the cemetery. The land of her dead.

They had died together: Adra and Benji. Committed suicide on the same night. Adra first, from blood loss and suffocation. After she had taken her life, Benji came in; about to tell Adra that he loved her. Upon seeing her corpse, Benji had called the police then lay down beside her and cut a star into his wrist. When Arianna had gone to identify the bodies, they still hadn’t been moved. The whole thing was horrible and was enough to haunt anyone. Adra was lying in her own blood, her eyes wide open, lips set into a grim smile. Benji’s eyes were also open, staring off into a bleak nowhere. There had been blood everywhere, mixed with black nail polish and shattered glass. The bags of coke and p*t were still at Adra’s, where Jeremy had left them after leaving her, and Adra’s favorite crystal sculpture was shattered.

Arianna sighed, remembering the anguish and pain that Benji and her sister had put her through, and then sat beneath a grey tombstone, staring up at the charcoal-colored sky.

“Why Adra?” she asked, letting herself cry for the first time all day. “Why did you do this to us? To me?”

Arianna stretched out and put her cheek to the ground, still sobbing silently.

After the funeral ended and people began to leave, Joel came to find Arianna. He saw her in the position that she had cried herself to sleep in earlier and came over. He gently caressed her face with his hand fondly. She was so beautiful when she slept.

Adra and Arianna had been total opposites. Adra had been short, with brown hair that she usually died black and brown eyes. Arianna was taller with blonde hair and stunning grey eyes that turned green when she was angry, which, after her sister’s death, seemed to be quite often. Adra had always had a good temper, not really getting angry at anyone but herself, but Arianna was quick to anger at anything. If anyone had guessed who would die first, everyone would have said Arianna. The cause? Either death in a fight, or by her own hand. They would have been wrong. All of them. Arianna was always in fights, usually for dumb reasons, but she was good.

Joel smiled to himself now, watching her, remembering each of her fights. There was one, particularly, that resided in his mind always. It had taken place in a bar, and the only one that Arianna had ever faced injury in. Arianna yelled at some guy for bumping into her and making her spill her drink. He was high at the time, and took one of the many beer bottles from the floor, broke it against the stage, then threw it at her. Arianna was fast, however, and dodged it. After, he tried to punch her, but only succeeded in having her break his wrist. He still managed to get a few good blows in, but Arianna didn’t care. In fact, she drove home that night, not complaining once, despite the fact that she could only barley see out of her right eye, as it was so swollen.

Joel sat beside Arianna and watched her as she slept, feeling as if he was guarding her. Finally, she awoke, stretched, and sat up.

“Joel,” she whispered, touching his cheek, as if making sure that he was real.

He smiled softly and put his hand over hers.


“Thank you… for… helping me. Through… everything.”

“No problem. You’re strong. You would have been ok anyhow.”

“No. I wouldn’t have.”

He looked up at the cloudy sky.

“They’re watching us,” he said softly. “They’re together now. And happy.”

“You think so?” she asked, looking up too.

“Yes. They’re probably up there, looking down, pointing and laughing at us, saying that we look like quite a sight.”

“They are the mended.” Arianna said sadly, looking down at her arms. “We are the broken.”

He nodded. “I like that.”

“We are the broken,

They are the mended.

We live with pain,

They have repented.

They have never been so many,

We have never been so alone.

We blindly stumble, through the woods,

They get to head on home.

We live with pain,

They have repented.

We are the broken,

They are the mended.

They are the leaders,

We have been led.

We have been broken,

They are all mended.”

It was one of Adra’s poems. When Arianna and Adra had been fourteen, Arianna had stolen one of Adra’s poetry notebooks, painstakingly copied all one hundred pages, and learned to recite all of the poems. At twenty-five, she still could.

Arianna turned over her arm and examined her scars, as Adra had done in her last hours. She, too, had the faded, broken, half star that Benji and Adra had cut long, long before. She showed it to Joel, who then rolled up his sleeve to reveal his.

“We have never been so many, we have never been so alone,” he said quietly.

Arianna changed the last verse: “We have been broken, we will be mended.”

Joel looked at her as the already bleak sky clouded over even more.

“Look at us,” he said. “Reciting Adra’s poetry in a graveyard.”

Arianna smiled. “We may be broken and they may be mended, but you and me, Joel, we’re more.”

“What are we?” he questioned, caught off guard.

“We’re The Eternal,” Arianna answered as the first drops of rain fell.

“The Eternal,” Joel repeated thoughtfully as thunder clapped in the background.

“Yes,” she clarified as rain dripped from the edge of her nose. “The Eternal.”



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wut tha... 2004! diz iz a old storeh!
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