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Hi, my name is Nicole
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Crazy/beautiful part one

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Created: 2005-04-06 15:00:16 All stories by
Plot out line-Nicole Oakley,is a very rich girl.Only she doesent act it.Nicole has been distructive ever since her mother killed herself,and her father got remarried.And everything changes once she meets a very special guy.

story-"Nicole look at those guys over there."Maddy said pointing to two boys,about there age."the fat one or the hot ones?"Nicole asked her bestfriend."the fat one"Maddy said sarcasticly,"no,the hot ones you idiot."Maddy added."lets go over there"Nicole said."seriously?"Maddy replied."yeah,come on."Nicole said,makeing her way through the baseball crowd.Maddy followed."hi,im Nicole,this is my best friend Maddy"Nicole said as she and and Maddy reached the guys."Im Carlos"Carlos introduced him self."And Im Eddie.But we were just leaving."Eddie said."We are too,want a ride home?"Nicole asked them."Sure"Carlos said."iight,ill go too."

rate high,and leave good comments for part two.

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