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Hi, my name is Rose
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Cheating Hearts

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Created: 2005-07-14 11:53:42 All stories by
The barren dessert land seemed to last for eternity. Rose Grey watched idly from the car window as the sun seemed to melt away all heat. To say it was hot would be an understatment. The temperature had to be above 100 with no humidity whatsoever, and Rose, who was attired in a shin length sun dress was boiling up. The air conditioning in her 1986 gray Ford Pickup was beyond repair and boy did she miss it today.

She was on her way from her boyfriend's home in San Francisco to her parent's ranch in Sante Fe to spend the summer. She hadn't seen her parents in over two years, school, work, and Ted being her main priorities. Ted Walker was her boyfriend of a year. He was a good guy, a future lawyer. Someone who was really prepared for whatever life threw at him. He always had a plan. And part of his plan was Rose. She knew he was ready to settle down. He'd graduated a week before and had mentioned them starting a life. But being two years younger and merely a sophomore in college, she didn't feel ready to take that step. However, Ted hadn't wanted to consider that option. He was dead set on his life going as planned.

Rose knew she'd be always taken care of with him, but lately she'd begin to grow distant. There wasn't a spark anymore. Her feelings for Ted were slowly deteriorating into nothing more than friendship. That was why she'd decided to go home. She needed to get away. It was as simple as that. She needed time to think things through before deciding what kind of future, if any, she had with Ted. So home she went.

The sun was beginning its descend into the twilight when her parent's rance home came into view. The shadows of nightfall were slowly encompassing the surrouding dessert. As she stepped out of the truck and was embraced by her mother and father, she felt surprisingly awkward, yet comfortable. It was good to be home. She almost forgot why she'd stayed away for so long.

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Posted On: February 3, 2011
wooowww that is the best story ever woow please write more u are a good writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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