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Hi, my name is Leanna
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Band Party 3

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Created: 2005-01-24 20:47:56 All stories by
a couple hours later, after most of the volunteer crew had keft, leanna and miah sat talking on the couch.

"that was so funny!" leanna replied to sumthin miah had said.

then came a silence as both just sat there, looking around and at eachother.

they were like playing the 'eye' game, where leanna would look at miah untill he looked back at her so then she would look away and visa-versa.

miah faked a cough and scooted closer to leanna.

leanna smiled and pretended that nothing happened.

"so...." miah said, looking at her.

"you know you still havent gotten me back for throwing that wad of tape at you." leanna said, trying to make conversation.

"oh really, well i guess i could get you back now...." he said leaning close to her.

"how do you plan to do that?" she asked him.

in reply miah kissed her on the lips.

as they pulled away leanna said, "i guess ill have to throw tape wads at you more often."

miah was about to say sumthing but his phone rang. "miah? where are you? i though we had had plans for lunch?" came brittany's voice.

leanna looked away, a bit sad.

"oh yea, sorry. setting everything up took a bit longer than expected." miah replied, glancing at leanna.

"well we could still go to a movie" leanna heard her suggest.

leanna stood up and walked into the kitchen.

miah walked into the kitchen a few minuites later.

"id leave now if you want to catch a movie with her." leanna said, a bit oddly.

"ill see ya tomorrow at the party" was all he said. leanna watched him out the window as he drove away.

Band Party4---coming soon

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