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Hi, my name is Trevor Winston
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By ErdnazHicks Send DollMail
Created: 2013-07-28 19:41:36 All stories by ErdnazHicks
Trevor Daemyn Winston

Tré, Trev, or Daemyn


Red- blonde Hair

Brown Eyes

Birthday January 1

First of let me say Im mixed. My morther is white, Dad is black. And also Im Bisexual. I like ladys & boys. Like the school & city knows, & i dont get bulled. Surprise huh. Well my family & friends love me still. I am the only child. My parents are trying to work on another baby. My love life is lost as sea, I can't find the right one. I like technology. Espically mobile. Im sort Tech Head. My friends like using me alot, but they pay the price of it. I have my needy ways, im still a teen & human. Te'Airra is my best friend. I've kwon here since the 3rd grade. I remember it like it was yesterday, 2 evilish devilish smiles, use to mess with the teachers head. thoughs was the days. Now we are teens & we just as terrible as can be. This summer vacation, we crusion to Hawii, & staying for 3 weeks. Me, Te'Airra & other to. So pumped

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