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Hi, my name is Mike,Aianna, and B
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A very merry Crazy Christmas

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Created: 2004-12-20 17:25:49 All stories by
It was Christmas Eve and Arianna, Mike, and me decided to spend it together. We were wrapping gifts and filling stockings while talking about what we had done during the past year. Mike was wrapping gifts, filling stockings, and putting the finishing touches on the tree. I started to get thirsty and went to the kitchen. While I was pouring some juice Arianna came in and asked “ do you like Mike?” I was startled by this that I almost spilled the juice. I thought of Mike like a brother. I even call him my Lil’ bro. “Are you ok? You know that I have a guy and that I don’t like Mike. What have you been smokin’?” I said. She looked a little embarrassed then I said, “Wait! Why are you asking me this anyway? Do you like him?” she was surprised and just said, “He’s our brother for Christ’s sake! You crazy!?” I looked at her with a serious look. “Well you asked!” I said.

Just then Mike came in. I turned with a grin on my face. Wanna make some cookies for our families and Santa?” he asked. “You still believe in Santa?” I asked. He simply said, “I AM Santa!” Arianna and me looked at each other with a sly grin and tackled him. “So you’re Santa huh?! Well I want a teddy bear, CD Player, and a laptop!” I yelled. “I want a Hoodie, Bracelet, and a rose!” yelled Arianna. Then we said in unison me and her said “but most of all I want you!” Mike stopped with a smirk. He then started tackling us and said, “so you guyes like me huh? And I thought you two were my sisters!” he was tickling us like mad. I managed to say, “WE ARE! WE ARE! HA, HA, HA!” “PLEASE STOP!” screamed Arianna. He finally stopped. “Oh thank god!” I panted. “Now common! I wanna make those cookies!” he said. “Ok, ok, just don’t tickle us again. I could hardly breath,” said Arianna.

So we got out the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies and started. “2 cups of flour” I said. As I was shifting the flour mike tapped the bottom so that it poofed all over where I was and on my face. Mike was laughing hysterically while saying “hey it’s Frosty!” of course I had to get him back so I took the four and said “Oh you think that’s funny do you?” he nodded while laughing and then I made my move. I took the flour and poured it over his head while singing “Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!” Arianna wanted to get in the bit and poured it over us. So there was me and Mike covered in milk and flour. Arianna was laughing like mad. So I moved toward the counter but I slipped and fell on my butt! This made me laugh like crazy. My face was probably red. That made Mike and Arianna laugh even more. Then I realized that they were laughing too so I took some eggs and threw it at them. They were covered in egg. And what made me laugh the most was that Arianna had her mouth open and she had caught one in her mouth and she was spitting it out like mad. Mike had yolk dripping from his nose. Mike tried to tackle me again but slipped too! I started to throw more food at him. By this time it was a big war! But then the war ended by us laughing at each other’s looks. “HA, HA, HA Mike! YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOD MONSTER! HA, HA, HA! I yelled. “Speak for you’re self!” he replied then I got up with a little slip here and there. “Alright enough fooling. We have to get this done!” I said. So we got up and started all over again. Good thing we just went shopping.

After we put the cookies in the oven we all washed up and changed into something more Christmassy. I was wearing a green shirt with a red ornament on it and I had red P.J. pants. Arianna was wearing a white Tank top with black P.J. pants. She looked cold so I told her to open my gift to her. It was a Hoodie that was green and red. Boy was she happy. Mike then came into the room with a white T-shirt and dark green P.J. pants. He was also wearing a Santa hat. I was looking at him curiously. “You have you’re Santa hat? I couldn’t even find mine!” I said “hey me either. I was looking all over for my raindeer antler headband.” Said Arianna. “Well then you should open my gift to you guyes.” Replied Mike. He went to the tree and got out from under two presents. I opened mine and it was my Santa hat completely restored. The last time I had it, it had no white ball on the end and now it looked like new. I just smiled, put it on and gave Mike a hug. Then Arianna opened hers. It was her Raindeer headband completely restored too. The last time I had seen it, it was tattered and looked broken. But now it was sewed up and looked like new. She too put hers on and gave mike a hug and said “Thanks!” “You’re welcome,” Mike said. “Ding!” “Op! There goes the cookies!” I said.

We all went to the kitchen. Arianna was taking them out of the oven and I was taking out the cooling racks. Mike attempted to take one but I slapped his hand. “Ow!” “Sorry Mike but you have to wait until they are cool or you’ll burn you’re tongue!” I said. “I could care less about my tongue!” he yet again attempted to take one but I grabbed his hands and pushed him to the living room. I then shook my finger at him while say like an old lady “now don’t you come back in there unless the cookies are cool!” “Yes mom” said Mike. I smiled and let him back in but to find Arianna eating some cookies. “Arianna! Don’t you know anything about this house!?” asked Mike. “No. What’s that?” asked Arianna. Mike simply walked to the cookie tray and picked one up “Always let me have the first bite” he said. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes. *There’s not stopping him*

We then took the cookies to the living room and started wrapping ‘em. “One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five.” I looked up to get more and saw mike eating the cookies than wrapping them! “Mike! Those are fore you’re family!” I said. “Who cares!? They have a bakery, they can get these all around the year!” he exclaimed. *He’s got a point* while we were wrapping the cookies Arianna went to get some Christmas videos. She put them on and it was cartoons! “Arianna! What kind of videos are these?” asked Mike. “What does it look like? It’s cartoons! Duh!” she said. “Yeah but I thought something like The Grinch or something like that.” He said “yeah but I thought it would be more fun to watch these.” She explained. “Oh I get you. Oh is that Little LuLu and her Christmas Disaster!? I love that episode!” I said. “Oh god” Mike said.

So we watched Movies and wrapped presents and cookies. Then the grandpa clock chimed 12 and it was Christmas! So we phone called our families wishing them a Merry Christmas and that we would be there ate 3 0 P.M. we started to open gifts from each other and our families that weren’t going to be home. Arianna got 3 Hoodies, a 100-dollar Gift card to Kohls, and a puppy. Mike got a new Video Camera, a 100 dollar gift card to best buy, and a new punk Mix CD. I got a laptop, 100 dollar Gift card to Walden bookstore, a CD player and a visit from my boyfriend. And My boyfriend got a 100 gift card to Game stop, a Hoodie, and 20 smooches from me *my favorite*

So we all sang carols, ate something and we fell asleep on the floor. That night was the best night of my life. But something still puzzles me. Right before I went to sleep I saw something red saying “Ho, Ho, Ho!” probably was Mike making his rounds or was it the real Santa?


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United Kingdom
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Posted On: August 6, 2010
That's a really good and detailed story, well done. It's bril, write another!!

All My Stories
Posted On: March 18, 2010

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