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The art of making cartoon dolls (dollz) and Doll Makers. Use our huge dollmaker dress up games to create personalized dolls and send them by email! We have forums and chat dedicated to discussions and problems people have with creating dolls. The Doll Palace has a tremendous collection of doll graphics and pictures. Our new doll characters include Fantasy and Fairy Dolls, Gothic Dolls and Celebrity dolls that you can review and get the HTML doll code for your own site or profile. Old categories include Blondes, Brown, Red, Goth, Black, Holiday, Guys, Couples and Animated dollz. Play Dress Up Games and have Fun!!!

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Hello and welcome to The Doll Palace! I am Jessica, the owner.

06/10 - I guess it hurts to be away for some time ;)

Our Video games dolls are even better then before... Last week we published a lot of new characters and I think the time has finally come to create a new Dress Up Game.

To protect TDP user accounts we decided to start asking our members to change password every 100 days. During your next login you will see a screen inviting you to change your password.

04/01 - We've added a lot of new dolls, modified profiles and cleaned the accounts. I am very sorry that we had to remove some of the users. We are trying to make Doll Palace safer for kids so all of us can enjoy the games and community.

03/19 - Please take a look at our new cute Easter Bunny Dress Up Games. I really hope you will like it. Many new Video Game Dolls and new doll makers are coming soon.

Many of you saw the account changes message already. Please do not wait until the last day to send us your consent. If you see consent request after login your account will be affected.

02/15 - A lot of new cartoon dolls have been added over last couple of weeks. We tried to focus on Girl Portraits, but new base is coming in a day or two...

Today we published updates to our Privacy Policy. We will be making some changes to the accounts and parental consent in coming days.

12/31 - Happy New Year. We all wish you happy holidays and good luck in 2008.

12/07 - Check out new Sunglasses Fashion dolls we published couple of days ago. We are getting ready to release a new dress up game based on our Cancer Awareness Dolls.

If you like electonics, games and gadgets, you may be interested to read new Hot Girl Gadgets article.

11/21 - It took way too long, but Naruto Doll Maker is finally open to all members. Naruto Dress Up game is featuring many of the characters from the anime and I'm sure many of you will enjoy creating one of your favorite Ninja Heroes.

11/21 - We've added over 100 new Cancer Awareness Dolls. Please take your time and vote for the best ones :)

11/11 - I Hope you noticed all the new Breast Cancer Awareness Dolls and new Bootylicious Dolls that we published couple of days ago.

We are still updating some of the sections, and new doll maker should be available this week.

11/03 - As you know, October was a National Breast Cancer Awareness month. We already talked about Breast Cancer Awareness in one of our articles. Today we decided to publish our new "pink ribbon" doll series to commemorate the month.

Please post these dolls to blogs and profiles, let all your friends know about a magick of a "pink ribbon".

10/31 - Just would like to remind, that we have Halloween Dolls that you can post in your profiles and Doll Maker - Halloween Dress Up Game. I think this is a perfect entertainment for today :) .

10/30 - All doll pages have been updated with new posting buttons, now you can easily post the doll you liked to MySpace, Facebook and many other networks.

If you like Ice Skating, you will probably like our new artile The Real Blades of Glory.

10/30 - All Anime Games have beed moved into their own doll maker section.

We published new premium fantasy game Butterfly Fairy. This game creates a wonderful fairy dolls with really beautiful wings. All items are carefully designed by one of the top doll designers in the world. Currently there are no plans to open this game to standard members, but the good news is that our Naruto doll maker will be available to all members in couple of days.

10/27 - Another update for Top Model dolls.

I would like to remind everyone that we will never ask for account information in Emails or Dollmails. We had an incident last week where one member pretended to be a member of TDP support team and was trying to trying to collect all account and paypal information with his DP account.

10/22 - Published all new Top Model dolls.

10/19 - Glitter!! Glitter!!! Glitter!!! Coloring Pages extended with Glitter Fill options, but only for premium accounts :(, at least for now.

To use Coloring Glitters simply click small Glitter box near Advanced Color button.

We really thought to make it available to all members, but adding Glitter Colors proved to be a very intensive task that puts a lot of load on our servers. We decided to open this functionality to premium members to limit access and make sure site can still sustain the load without crashing.

10/14 - Coloring pages just got enchanced with new color picker (Eyedropper tool). It will let you easy pick the color if you already have it on the image. Eyedropper can be used to pick colors from any part of the coloring page.

10/12 - Some more updates in Top Model Dolls + New Hispanic Heritage Month article. Please read and comment if you are interested in tradition or simply would like to learn more about the Hispanic Heritage.

10/11 - We started publishing our new Top Model Dolls. This week you can see Fashion Dolls from Chanel, D&G, Gucci and Valentino.

10/11 - Dolls with personalities section just got updated with new profiles.
We've added profiles for many MySpace Dolls and next week we will be adding new Top Model's profiles.

10/05 - Sailor Moon doll maker is finally open to new members, and new Naruto maker is now available for all premium accounts.

We are working very hard on many internal changes and I hope you will enjoy all the new stuff in games and interface very soon.

09/19 - We continue to work on our new Myspace Dolls, and new dollmaker game is coming out this weekend. As always we are getting a lot of stories published in Gossip Section so don't waste time, go there and let us know about your own opinion on the suggested topics.

09/13 - Finally we were able to launch new premium Sailor Moon doll maker, our anime doll maker is now open to all members.

As always we offer both easy and advanced versions for every games. Easy version helps you create the doll really fast, but has limits in positioning and number of items you can select; advanced version allows you to drag and position items, change layers (premium) and gives you many other cool features.

09/11 - Today we updated dolls with personalities, added new MySpace Dolls and published new celebrity news article. I know you are waiting for a new game that I promised last time... we are working on it and it should be published any day now.

09/05 - As I promised before, yesterday we published all new MySpace Dolls. Brand new base and characters are best for myspace and facebook profiles, blogs and personal pages.

09/04 - Sorry for keeping you in dark for a while. We are working on many small projects and updating dolls at the same time. Yesterday we published last set of Naruto Characters, new dolls are coming tonight and I hope you will like them. This week we will also launch a new dress up game for all our Anime fans.

08/23 - We've added many new Naruto Dolls. I think this week will be the last week for Naruto theme.

I would like to invite you to participate in conversation on The Little Mermaid and Back to School Fashion articles.

08/20 - For couple of days now we were workign on some internal upgrades so you may noticed some errors, but we are done now:)

On Friday we published a new article about ADHD, and as always we have some new Cartoon Dolls and Coloring pages.

08/13 - We have some great news!!! Happy Birthday dress up game is released and open to all members. Don't miss your chance to create a Birthday Girl or doll for a Birthday Party postcard.

I didn't put a note here before, but we published new articles in Gossip Stories : Tattoos and Piercings and Babysitting Tips. A lot of people already posted their comments, I think you should participate.

We also have a lot of new Naruto Dolls, we will be adding more characters to our Anime Dolls section soon.

08/10 - You will now notice a small "[x]" in the corner of every comment on your personal friends profile.

"[X]" link will delete a comment or all comments by any member.

08/09 - We published more Narutoand Sailor Moon cartoon dolls and updated characters in doll coloring book.

08/08 - Our first Anime Girls doll maker is published for premium members. It features all the Magitian Girl dolls we created before. You can create Magical Emi, Mai, Pastel Yumi, Minky Momo and their friends.

Next week we will try to publish easy version of the Happy Birthday game and make that doll maker available to all members.

08/06 - Would you like to become a vegeterian or learn about vegeterian cons and pros, then you should read our new article in gosssip section.

I think we need to have new ideas and interesting topics for our articles. Please let me know what would you like to read about, give me some new ides for stories and gossip.

08/06 - First Naruto dolls arrived.... I hope you will like these new characters. We will try to get as many characters from the Naruto Anime as we can.

08/03 - Ever since I started creating anime dolls and publishing anime coloring pages people asked me about the difference of Anime and Manga. If you would like to know more about anime and manga difference you are welcome to read our gossip article.

08/03 - Doll Palace Navigator has been upgraded with TDP Search. Navigator is always located at the the top of the page and helps you to jump between TDP Sections. Navigator and search are available on all new peach template pages: cartoon dolls, forums, blogs and all games section.

08/02 - We've added many new Sailor Moon dolls, these are probably last additions for Sailor Moon, but you can expect a bit more anime dolls coming.

I think TDP Friend profile comments should be limited to one per profile per day. Please let me know if you agree by voting or posting a comment in Friend Profile Comments forum thread.

07/30 - Please participate in our Best Broadway Musical poll. Last week we've published My Love of Musicals article, but I completely forgot to mention about it here. Hope you like it.

07/24 - Added another 50 Sailor Moon dolls and new Good Manners articles.

I also recommend visiting our new coloring pages, many new pics are added daily.

07/21 - Over 70 new Sailor Moon dolls published in our Anime Dolls section.

07/19 - Updated Doll Personalities and Coloring Book.

If you would like to talk about upcoming Harry Potter book you can take a look at our Harry Potter Predictions story, and if you are also a fan of magic you probably will find real magic article interesting.

07/16 - Birthday Pary premium doll maker is finally open to all premium members. This maker includes selection of cutest gifts and Happy Birthday signs. I think this is perfect for a birthday cards or Myspace comments.

07/16 - We published new Sailor Moon dolls in our Anime Dolls section. I also invite you to participate in discussions for 2 new articles: Cool Jobs and Vampires and Gothic Love.

07/14 - Added new Magician Girl dolls, new personalities for our doll coloring book.

07/12 - Added Summer Fairies and more Anime Dolls, please take your time and rate those. I hope you like them.

07/11 - Our Anime Dolls got updated with many cute characters. I would also like to invite evrybody to participate in our Naruto talk.

07/09 - Our Celebrity dress up games just got extended with another free game. Dakota Fanning doll maker is open to all members.

New Kids Birthday Party premium maker is coming...

07/06 - After getting so many comments regarding our latest Magical Girl dolls we decided to work a bit more on that theme. Today we published more Anime - Magitian Girl dolls and anime characters

06/28 - Do you like anime? Would you like to know about differences between anime and manga? Then go ahead and read about my Anime Addiction.

We published more Magical Girl dolls. If you are a magic fan you might find a lot of new interesting characters there.

06/27 - We are trying to get the new set of dolls ready, but in the meantime we rearranged anime dolls and separated all the new characters by their original name. We added new dolls with personalities and updated our site-map (you can find site-map link at the bottom of any page).

Summer is fun, please read a small blog-note from me about TV in the Summertime and post your ideas about spending time this summer (I really need those ideas LOL).

As I mentioned before new dolls will probably be published tonight.

06/25 - Cartoon dolls collection just got updated with new cute Magician Girl. We are still sorting them out, but you should be able to see most of them by now.

06/22 - Dakota Fanning maker is finally ready and open for all premium members.

06/21 - A lot of sections are now updated by our members so I can very often miss things, but I am trying to do my best in linking all new cool stuff I see around the site ;)

Today I found over 50 new Happy Birthday dolls. All new wonderful characters and designs.

Let's continue with couple of words from me about Modern Day Manners. I would love to hear some of your thoughts and personal experience in comments.

New Mermaid-Melody coloring pages, try this link if you like mermaids... I spent some time there myself :)

I like to see what others are doing with colorings. Coloring pages section has links at the bottom that allow you to see latest saved colorings by TDP members. I noticed that now you do not even have to register to save colorings.

Almost missed.... new nice profiles for Dolls with Personalities and corresponding updates in a doll coloring book.

06/17 - We published many new Happy Birthdaycartoon dolls and anime coloring pages.

Please rate all of our new dolls. We always need to know your opinion and comments about our latest set.

We also created few tips for Summertime Makeup. You can post comments in that sections to share your own make-up tips.

06/15 - Long promised Girl Scouts dress up game is finally open to all memebrs. New premium game will be published tonight or tomorrow.

06/13 - Added new dolls with personalities and more characters to our doll coloring book.

06/13 - Do you have a birthday coming up? We have some great birthday party ideas for you.

06/12 - Many things got updated in coloring pages. We added new thumbnails, more relevant views and more categories. New coloring pictures are added daily so you can keep checking that section very often.

We also published more cutest Happy Birthday dolls. You will probably see another Doll Palace doll maker before the end of this week.

06/09 - Promised Happy Birthday dolls and many of the latest bases are published. Many of the bases are in raw form because we decided not to use them for the sets, however you can still modify and use them for your own hand-drawn dolls (Please give us credits if you use them).

06/08 - Coloring pages were extended with new advanced color selector. Print button now works with completed and saved pages as well as blanks, so you can print the coloring that you created online or blank coloring page (outlines only) to color it with crayons. We also fixed minor errors that started appearing after new picture was loaded.

New dolls will be published tonight and we will also reveal many different bases that we had a chance to work on in last couple of months. You can find "Doll Bases" tab in Cartoon Dolls section.

06/06 - New Dakota Fanning dolls added to our doll coloring book. Please take a time and vote your favorite actress.

06/06 - We did a story for Orlando and Johnny, now it is a time for Chris Brown. If you like Chris Brown and his music you are welcome to give us some comments.

06/05 - We have 2 surprises today: cutest Happy Birthday dolls on a brand new base, and latest update to Coloring Pages that gives you ability to save your coloring work.

We are getting a lot of Anime uploads every day, if you are a fan of Anime I highly recommend visiting Anime Coloring Pages. You should be able to find your favorite anime characters there.

06/01 - New characters in doll coloring book and new princess and unicorn pictures in coloring pages.

06/01 - Published many new Dakota Fanning dolls.

05/31 - Summer is coming and we are trying to get a lot more dolls ready for you this evening. In the mean time you can check all the updates in coloring pages.

05/27 - New premium maker is ready... check out huge Girl Scouts Doll Maker.

05/26 - We published a lot of new Dakota Fanning dolls. You can now rate them on Dolly-Profile pages.

Try to collect some of them as your favourite cartoon dolls (you may need those favourites in the future).

05/25 - Some thoughts about women and women role in history.

05/24 - Remember our Coloring Pages? They just got a nice upgrade!! Previous version is moved to Doll Coloring Book.

After the Version 1 of the coloring was released couple of months ago, a lot of members gave us comments and described what kind of functionality they are looking for. New version of Coloring Pages was created to address some of the complaints and create something new and fun for all TDP Members.

I would like to say thank you to people who helped us by providing comments in our Forum and dedicated some time to test the new section.

05/22 - Miley Cyrus dress up game is finally open to all members. One of the coolest doll makers so far...

We tried to create Miley in different character outfits so it better fits as an avatar in communities. I am sure you will enjoy this new dress up game.

05/20 - We are a little bit behind on the maker because new one is simply Huge.... (over 2 thousand items). We currently plan to release a new maker on Monday - Tuesday and at the same time Miley will be open to all memebers.

05/18 - New maker is coming this weekend, but in mean time, I suggest you read about dances and guy from our favorite actor poll - Zac Efron.

05/17 - Introducing new Dakota Fanning dolls. I though it would be pretty nice to have dolls after her characters in latest movies. I am sure there are a lot of Dakota's fans among us.

05/14 - We are already working on a new maker so you can expect that very soon. Another section update is in progress, but I will keep it as a secret for now :) I'm sure you will love new tool when we release it.

05/13 - I Hope you didn't forget that today is Mothers Day. Please show mom your appreciation.

05/12 - Published new Cute Animals and Girl Scouts.

05/10 - Getting ready for the summer? Me too.... read about my cookies and smile :)

05/09 - Our dolls have been updated with a lot of cutest little fairies. Summer fairies are new very colorful dolls that many of you liked so much in the past. I have no doubts they will eventually take number one spot in our fantasy and fairies dolls section.

05/08 - Added many new cartoon dolls in multiple sections. Take a look at our new Pixies, Cute Animals and wonderful Girl Scouts.

05/05 - All Cartoon Dolls pages got a new top navigation and additional sections.

05/05 - According to some news networks judge sentenced Paris Hilton to jail... let us know what do you think about it...

Read our new articled about Hot guys from out current poll.

05/03 - You are welcome to read and post comments in our new Girl Power and secrets of the Internet gossip article.

05/02 - Added new personalities in coloring pages and updated our cartoon dolls collection. New dolls are coming really soon :)

04/29 - New Emma dolls published on the front page (under the news) and couple of new articles added to TDP Gossip Section.

Last week we published Dress Up Pets article and today it was updated with couple of funny pictures. I also wrote a small entry about my Inner Animals.

04/26 - Vote in our new favorite actor poll.

04/25 - Published many new Girl Scouts. Please visit their page and rate these new dolls.

04/25 - As promised, Celebrity Dress Up is open to all members.

I would also like to say thank you to Myah. She sent us a thank you letter and a postcard.

04/24 - We had some major connectivity problems today, and I appreciate all the work our guys did to make sure we are up as soon as possible.

04/24 - As you probably noticed we already published Miley Cyrus doll maker. This is one of the biggest dress up games we have ever created. It offers almost 2000 items, over 40 categories and a lot of small detailed accessories including wings, bags and hats.

Our previous premium Celebrity Doll Maker will be open to all members tonight, so all standard members will finally get a chance to to dress up celebrities from latest Oscars.

04/24 - Added new Girl Scouts characters in our coloring pages, now you can color Valerie, Sandra, Becki and Katie, all members of TDP Girls Scouts team.

04/23 - Added more Girl Scouts and Cute Animals. New maker is coming very soon.

04/20 - Summer is coming and we would like to hear your opinions about Bikinis in Fashion Gossip.

04/19 - Updated Miley Cyrus dolls and personalities in TDP coloring pages.

04/18 - After our Girl Scout dolls are published, I can talk a bit about real Girl Scouts and my personal GS experience.

04/18 - We started a new Girl Scouts doll series. Almost one hundred scout cartoon dolls already published.

04/17 - Many new cartoon dolls arrived and many more will be published tonight.

04/16 - Today we can finally announce winners of our Guess the celebrity contest. We had 7 people who answered all the questions correctly and I am glad to announce that we decided to give our prizes to Tiani and Lotrgirl9213. Well done!!!

04/11 - We talked about many different things lately, and I decided to go back to history and some facts... find new Real History of Witches article in TDP Gossip and Stories.

We are on a hold with new dolls, but I promise we will have huge amount of pics published very soon. In the mean time you can check new personalities in our coloring pages.

04/07 - Emma cover doll (under this news panel) is also celebrating the Holiday :)

04/07 - Added over 50 new cartoon dolls, published very cute Miley Fairy and Miley - Miss TDP.

04/07 - Some of my thoughts, experience and ... what you should know about drinking

04/06 - I noticed that a lot of teachers are interested to find out how our cartoon dolls can be used in school projects. We decided to create a small section with quick Educational Resources @ Doll Palace where we provide some ideas, topics and links that help to learn about Doll Palace community.

04/04 - Added 4 pages of our new Miley cartoon dolls: over 70 dolls with cutest outfits and haircuts, musical instruments, wings and accessories.

You can start rating them now :) I hope new Miley dolls will find a lot of their fans on TDP.

04/03 - After creating so many pages and online profiles I am ready to give you some hints and things to avoid while creating your own profile.

04/02 - More Miley Coloring Pages, hope you will like those. We will be adding even more colorings week.

03/31 - Our new dolls were slowly getting old, but new series of Miley cartoon dolls is full of surprised. New series offer a lot of different characters and personalities.

03/31 - Not so long ago we did a poll about flirting. This time around I came up with some more ideas on flirting in our gossip articles.

03/29 - Added star ratings to all the friend profiles. Please don't forget, you only rate the profile, not the real person....

03/28 - Our cartoon dolls need your votes! Click on the doll profile and give your favorite one more stars.

03/28 - I know, I know... you all probably want to hear the updates on the celebrity contest ... here they are:

We currently have
  • only 7 people that guessed all 10 dolls correctly
  • and 17 people that guessed 9 out of 10 dolls

    03/27 - Over 30 Million dolls Later....

    Yes, couple of days ago we officially hit the mark of 30 million dolls created by our members.

    03/27 - You can now rate every doll on the cartoon doll profile. Favorite dolls and dolly friends options are still there...

    03/26 - Like your phone? Me too!! Let's talk about mobile phones and things we need to remember while on the phone.

    03/26 - Added new Miley Coloring Pages. I really like that doll, so her stories are very fun to read and color too ;)

    03/25 - Today we opened 2 new dress up games for all of our members and published new exclusive celebrity dress up for our premium members.

    If you have a standard account, you are welcome to try our hot guys dress up and our new Love Couple maker.

    03/23 - Meet our new Doll Palace celebrity: Miley Doll. Some of you may know her from a real life, but this is the first time she appears in a Cartoon Dolls World @ The Doll Palace :)

    03/23 - Let's talk Celebrity Dresses in fashion gossip :)

    03/21 - As you noticed every cartoon doll has a profile, now you can post Dolly-Profile comments.

    03/20 - Over 30 new characters in celebrity dolls. Added Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria and many others.

    03/19 - You can now vote for the sport that you like in our new Sports Poll.

    03/19 - If you have premium account and have some time to kill you should definitely try our latest Couple Maker. 'My Love' - Couple maker was created with items from our latest dress up games: V-Day and Hot Guys.

    It takes a bit to load everything.... but you are getting over 2000 items.

    03/19 - Added "Related Stories" in Fashion Gossip.

    03/18 - New celebrity characters in Coloring Pages

    03/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

    Learn about St. Patrick's day in our new gossip article.

    Just would like to remind that you can create a wonderful St. Patrick's Day dolls on our
    Celebrity Doll Maker and
    Guys DressUp maker.

    03/17 - Published more celebrity dolls: Paris Hilton, Rachel Weisz, Jennifer Lopez and many others.

    03/16 - Entire Cartoon Dolls section got upgrade with new layout and navigation.

    03/16 - Get ideas and discuss upcoming Spring Break in our gossip articles.

    03/16 - And... another set of celebrity dolls: absolutely new and cute Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Alyson Michalka and many others.

    03/15 - New Flirting Poll... hope you will find it amusing.

    03/15 - Updates for our TDP Sponsored Guess the celebrity contest: so far we have 350 people participating and only 2 members got all the 10 celebrities right.

    As I mentioned on the contest page, we will have 2 winners in this contest and we will be selecting those winners randomly from people who provided correct answers. Don't miss your chance to win a prize valued over $70.

    Good Luck!!!

    03/15 - Added another set of celebrity dolls: new Shakira, SJP, Hilary Swank and many others.

    03/14 - Starting new TDP Sponsored contest Guess the celebrity. This year we have 10 dolls, some of them will be really hard to find, but I am sure a lot of you will participate and send us the correct answers.

    Good Luck!!!

    03/13 - New What a Mix! article in fashion gossip.

    03/12 - Please participate in our new Teen Celebrity Poll if you have not done so already.

    More celebrity dolls, more wonderful dresses...make new dolly friends now!!!

    03/11 - Added new celebrity characters in Coloring Pages

    Update premium Hot Guys maker and added "Easy" version of the game.

    03/10 - Added new celebrity dolls with many famous people. You can start guessing them now...

    You are also welcome to participate in our discussions about our new gossip story : Single Sex Schools.

    During the week we also made progress on navigation. We worked to make sure new DTP navigator displays correctly on all pages and in all browsers.

    12/31 - Published new stories and brand new "Dream Guy" doll maker. Now you can create hot and romantic guys to match some of our latest dolls.

    03/02 - Finally Greek Mythology maker is available to all members... and this could only mean one thing: new premium maker is coming ;)

    02/27 - We added many new Dolls to our new "Celebrity" and "Avatars for Guys" collections.

    This year Oscars had a lot of wonderful dresses; please take your chance to vote for the best 2007 Oscar dress in our new poll.

    02/25 - Helen Mirren takes the Oscar.... Only 12% of the TDP members agreed with the Academy (according to our last poll)...

    02/23 - New Poll... New Stories... New Dolls are coming....

    02/22 - I just could not miss this hair episode with Britney Spears... she made it to The Doll Palace LOL ;)

    02/20 - Added new dolls and top TDP Navigator, new navigator should help to make quick jumps between all the sections.

    02/18 - All TDP Profiles now include related links at the top; you can finally find related albums, stories and blogs.

    Doll HTML Code page modified further to include some of the doll profile information.

    02/13 - Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    Today we made a "Holiday" exception and released our newest "Vday" doll maker to all members at the same time. Now you can finally create all of our latest "I Love you dolls" and "Valentine's Day dolls". Premium members will be offered a new section and another game in couple of days.

    02/04 - Doll HTML Code page has been modified. New page not only provides you with all the codes, but also creates coloring pages for every doll. Now you can play coloring with any of our dolls or dolls you create on the doll maker.

    01/29 - Added new coloring pages, fashion gossip stories and of course many new "I Love you" dolls...

    01/25 - As many of you noticed Princess doll maker is now available to all members, this time around we released both: standard and easy version of the princess dress up game. Enjoy!!!

    All premium members can now enjoy our new Greek Mythology maker. Greek Mythology is by far our largest and greatest maker with over 1200 items.

    01/21 - Many new dolls, new coloring pages and new doll maker is coming... :)

    01/19 - Issue with doll maker and saving dolls is finally fixed!! :)

    01/18 - Published new "Real Cinderella" story that tells about real fairy tale and offers Cinderella Coloring Pages.

    01/18 - We finally upgraded our doll-chat. New engine works with IE7 and does not have issues with rendering + loads much faster. New chat has wonderful emotions and smilies.

    01/16 - Emma Cover doll is finally ready for this winter season. It was so warm outside that she didn't put on the winter outfits until now.

    01/16 - We added many new Greek Goddesses and new maker is coming really soon :)

    01/14 - Coloring Pages are out of the Beta and now are available to all members. They are more suitable for our younger audience, but I think many of you will enjoy coloring and reading stories about dolls.

    01/11 - I know a lot of you have many questions ... I hope to answer some of them over here, if I miss something or you still have unanswered question you are welcome to join our forums and post it there.

    Some updates:
    a) We will be running another TDP contest in 1-2 weeks max, meanwhile we are trying to ensure that all previous winners get their trophies.
    b) Next week people that like TDP dolls will be able to enjoy our new doll series. We will hopefully start posting new dolls next Friday.
    c) Princess dollmaker will be available to all standard members as soon as we launch Greek Gods maker for premium members (1-2 Weeks Max)
    d) New section is already available for our premium members (beta version), we will be testing it for 2-3 days, extend it with more dolls and open to general public. Hopefully you will like to play with it once it is available.

    01/02 - Happy New Year!!! I wish you all the best in 2007.

    Today we published a lot of new wonderful Greek Goddesses (Greek Mythology dolls) and started another section that you will enjoy in a week or two :)

    12/26 - New gift for all of our standard members: our Christmas Dress Up Game (full version) is finally open to everyone.

    If you happen to like Greek Mythology you will probably enjoy our new gossip article "The Great Greek Goddesses II".

    12/24 - All of our premium members can now enjoy new Princess Doll Maker. New Princess dress up game offers many different dresses and crowns and all of the items are compatible with our Christmas maker (hint for people that love to mix items :) )

    P.S. New series of dolls will be published tomorrow.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family,
    always yours, Jessica.

    12/20 - Dress Up Games page got a new look. You can now easily jump to any doll maker with all the items, pick items you like or load easy version of the maker.

    12/17 - New Christmas Doll Maker (Easy Version) is finally arrived!!!Don't miss your chance to create beautiful Christmas dolls for your avatars, pages and profiles.

    12/15 - Published new fashion gossip article for people that like to learn something new at The Doll Palace :) Our Christmas Dress up game will be opened for all members this weekend... Make sure you come here and be the first to try what premiums called one of the best dress up games on TDP:)

    New princess maker is coming and if everything goes well we will open it to premium members early next week.

    12/13 - Added a lot of new wonderful princess dolls and new stories in fashion gossip (below).

    12/09 - Sorry for the delays this morning, it looks like we are back online and connectivity is completely restored. Sunday morning 9AM maintenance is still in effect so expect site to be down for couple of minutes.

    12/08 - Emma cover doll changed her look once again... Did you know that the first Cover Doll ("Alexis") appeared on The Doll Palace in March of 2005? and Emma that you see now under the news (under the text that you are reading now) appeared on TDP in March of 2006?

    12/08 - For the second day in a row our Thanksgiving dollmaker is on top of the list of our popular dress up games!! Click "Make Dolls" on the front page and enjoy it :)

    12/07 - This Sunday at 10AM -10:30AM EST we will be taking site offline for the maintenance.

    12/07 - Finally complete Thanksgiving doll maker is open to everybody... A lot of people asked us to open the entire dollmaker and not only the easy version and we finally made the decision to open it up. I know that it is a bit late, however I am sure you still will find it fun to play with those turkey dolls :)

    12/06 - Published our new beautiful Princess-Bride - Princess dolls. Some of our pages got converted to new layout. We are in the process of testing it, but hope you like it :)

    12/01 - New Christmas doll maker is finally published for premium members. I think, this is the biggest maker that we ever created. We will make it available to all memebers in 10-15 days.

    11/29 - Problem with dollmaker where base was not showing up correctly has been fixed. Now you can enjoy faster loading fun and easy dress up games.

    11/26 - New Poll, new fashion-gossip stoies and updated dolls. Make sure you vote in our new poll and get dollpoints :)

    11/22 - Someting new for you for the Holidays ;) !!!

    We finally opened the Easy Thanksgiving maker (Thankgsgiving Crafts) to all members...

    If you are interested in ancient mythology you may find it interesting to read our new article in fashion gossip column (below).

    We probably will open Christmas doll maker for premium members early next week.

    11/16 - New Thanksgiving gossip story + many new Christmas dolls.

    11/12 - Published first article about Cartoon Dolls..... after all this is what The Doll Palace is about ;)

    11/11 - Thanksgiving Doll Maker is finally completed and released to our premium members!!! We published huge amount of new items... Hope all of you will like it. Now you can make your own Thanksgiving Clipart and Thanksgiving Dolls.

    11/09 - Starting new series of dolls for Christmas cards... :)

    11/05 - Gothic Doll maker is finally open to standard members and new Premium Thanksgiving Doll Maker is coming very soon.

    11/04 - Gothic Doll Maker will open tomorrow.

    11/03 - Our forums section was upgraded with a new layout. Please visit and let us know your thoughts.

    11/03 - Congrats to RoseWaterlily and vampies, they won our Halloween Pumpkin contest. New Contest is coming soon.... hints in usual spots ;)

    11/01 - Hope you will like our new article about Dragons. Sometimes, when you ask for something, we make it happen;)

    10/31 - Halloween is here !!!!

    10/27 - New record number of dolls published per day!! Our thanksgiving doll gets very interesting outfits and accessories; check out "New Dolls" link at the top of the main menu.

    Pixie maker is on hold, but we may get back to that theme later on... We currently have 2 non completed series and something new to surprise you with :)

    10/26 - New Emma Cover Dolls are up!!! We also published another fashion gossip article and wonderful Thanksgiving dolls.

    10/23 - Easy version of the Premium Gothic Doll Maker is ready :)

    10/19 - Gothic Doll Maker is finally out for our premium members... and you know the drill ;) later on it will be open to all members.

    10/18 - Coming soon: Goth DollMaker :) !!!

    P.S. Check out our new Gothic Dolls if you have not done so already.

    10/14 - If you want to see really cute Halloween pumkins try to visit our new contest and look for "Cute TDP Halloween Pumpkins" link.

    10/10 - Some comments for the Halloween Pumpkin Contest submissions: please make sure you read what the contest is really about :) Please do not submit private profiles or if there is nothing there for the contest. If after clicking on submitted link we will not find the pumpkin + The Doll Palace sign on the same picture we will remove the entry without publishing it.

    10/08 - Just released more Gothic dolls, new pumpkin contest entries and more fashion gossip stories for you ;) Stay with us for the new maker...

    10/07 - Halloween doll maker is finally open to everyone, new premium maker is coming very soon :)

    10/05 - New contest is finally open and I hope to see a lot of Scary Halloween Pumpkins very soon:)

    A lot of people are asking about the Halloween maker... We are a little bit late with it, but I will make sure it is open this Friday/Saturday.

    10/04 - We are proud to present our second winner in "TDP Fairy Tale Contest" : Lamebrain and her story "La Petite Fleur" !! Couple of notes: we looked at flow, grammar, votes, artwork, theme, fairy tale topics and "the doll palace" text requirement. We also analyzed and removed non unique votes (votes from multiple accounts by the same people) and votes that people made to bring the stories down.

    P.S. New contest is coming in next day or two... get ready!!!

    10/02 - Halloween is coming.... Check out our new Gothic Dolls and Halloween stories in girl-doll fashion gossip.

    10/01 - It looks like I made a mistake earlier today... I apologize to original_screen_name because obviously she wrote the story "The Toymaker's Daughter" and she is our winner.

    10/01 - Fairy Tale contest is officially over. Congrats to our winner: original_screen_name and her story "The Toymaker's Daughter". We are still analyzing the votes and reading stories once again to determine the second winner.

    We are a little bit late with a new contest... but you now have a small hint in it's usual place :) I hope we will be able to start a contest next week.

    09/29 - New dolls, new stories, new articles and new doll theme is coming :)

    09/25 - Easy version of Halloween Doll Maker is published.... Working on more icons and categories.

    BTW We have only 5 days before the fairy tale contest is over. Please vote for your favorite story if you haven't done so already.

    09/24 - Halloween Doll maker is finally completed... As always we reserved it for our premium members for the next 7-10 days and after that it will be available to all members.

    09/20 - Easy Hippie dollmaker is released. This is a rework of hippie dollmaker to our new popular interface. Now you have more functions and items to create really nice Hippies and No War (peace) dolls.

    I hope you will like all the changes... and BTW. simple angles maker was also adjusted and renamed to "Easy Angels" to follow new naming style.

    09/18 - It looks like a lot of our members are interested in vampires ... I wonder if we also have people interested in Pixies. If you the topics, please scroll down and and read our new Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip articles.

    09/17 - Added new comments area for Girl-Doll Fashion Gossip. Now you can finally discuss our articles without using forums.

    09/16 - Cover doll Emma changed into her new Halloween costumes and our huge collection of Halloween cartoon dolls got updated with new cute characters.

    We also published another gossip article about vampires; make sure you look at it, this article has unaltered image of the Doll Palace Emma Doll as a vampire :)

    09/15 - Sorry for the glitch with Shuni V2... it is fixed now and all people that bought access should be able to use it.

    09/15 - Just published another Shuni Maker.... a lot of dollpoints, but it has some new and really nice items.

    09/15 - New stories, new gossip articles, new halloween dolls and new features... Hope you like them :)

    09/11 - Just noticed that we have a very nice article about writing Fairy Tales.... New article in Fashion Gossip section gives you ideas on fairy tale creation and composition... I guess it can really benefit people that try to participate in our contest.

    09/10 - Emma doll changed for Halloween... I hope you like her new outfits.

    PS. Check your dollpoints... you may need them soon

    09/09 - As promised Hippie DollMaker is now open to all members. You can finally create those "No War" Dolls and Dolls in School Uniform and many other interesting avatars.

    09/08 - Added many-many new cute Halloween Dolls.

    09/07 - If you really paid attention to the site recently you probably noticed some changes.... I can only tell you that those changes are related to our new contest that will start Oct 1.

    09/03 - Added new HP items, but you need to have a package from Doll Points Shop to see them. More Shuni items coming soon.

    09/01 - Fairy Tale contest is running only for a couple of days, but I can already see a lot of interest from our very talented writers :) . Make sure you spend couple of minutes and visit our new Fairy Tales contest to read the submitted works.

    09/01 - New Hippie dollmaker is finally published. It is currently open to all premium members and we will make it available to standard members next weekend (9/9).

    Hippie Dollmaker will let you create Dolls in School Uniform, Hippie Dolls, No War Dolls and Peace Dolls. This dressup game has a lot of items + very nice collection of hair, skirts and thematic accessories.

    08/29 - Well our Fairy Tale contest is underway and I would like to make sure you understand that all the stories have actually be about The Doll Palace or at least mention The Doll Palace. We will be removing links with unrelated material.

    08/28 - I am proud to tell you that TDP Fairy Tale contest is officially open. I think we promised a long time ago that our next contest will be for writers but it took quite a while to come up with it.

    I think all of our Dollz and Stories writers have a great chance to finally participate in TDP Official Contest. Good Luck!!!

    08/25 - School is coming and we've added a lot more School Uniform Dolls on our old "V - No War" doll base.

    08/24 - Just another neat way to create Angels..... We've added "Simple Angel" link to our makers. Simple Angel has standard Angel dollmaker props, but uses new Adriana interface to make them.

    08/21 - Sorry for the delay in posts... We are still working on new items and hopefully will have something for you very soon.

    08/12 - As promised, Angels maker is now available to all members. We also published a lot of new Hippie dolls, hope you like them...

    Coming Soon:
    -new Adriana items
    -Unique Quidditch items
    -another TDP contest

    08/07 - Cute-Text was finally released to production. Cute-Text link can be found near "Play Dolls" banner. I think making cute-text is very simple, and many people will find it fun to use.

    08/05 - We added new dolls and finished Halos for Angels maker...

    Some info for people that care and asked us many times about angels... :)...

    We are aiming to make Angels dollmaker available to everyone next Friday (Aug 11). There is a very good chance that this Sunday we will have another interesting feature available for all members.

    08/01 - We started new dolls series - "No War Dolls" and "Peace Dolls". All HTML codes provided so you can grab them for your signatures.

    07/28 - You can now use dolls created on doll makers for your stories. "Create a Story" button was added to our Dollmaker save screen (you get the screen after clicking dollmaker "Save" button). "Create a Story" option is currently only available for non animated dolls.

    07/23 - Angles dollmaker is finally released. Enjoy brand new dollmaker base + hundreds of new items.

    07/20 - Angels dollmaker is coming this Sunday (will only be availale to premium members next week, but we will open it up later to all members). We also work on more features / fixes in friends section.

    07/18 - New "Delete" option in "MyClick Makers". Now you can manager your saved makers and selections easier.

    07/14 - Fairy and Pirate Dollmakers updated with new items. New dolls are coming very soon ;)

    07/08 - A lot of new dolls added.... You can find new angels, new fairies and even updated historical dolls.

    07/04 - I would like to wish a Happy Independence Day to our US visitors and hope you will not miss fireworks tonight...

    07/02 - Many of you liked to play with our glitter effects.... now TDP has one more filler :) ...

    07/02 - Pirates dollmaker is finally completed. It is currently published as premium feature, but we will open it up for all members on July 7, 2006 :)

    07/01 - New Pirate Dolls + Angel and Devils Dolls!! New maker is coming, come back soon for updates :)

    06/28 - Summer and Snow Fairies dollmaker has been updated with many new items. Look for "New Fairy Dollmaker" link on the front page if you would like to use a one-click version of the maker.

    06/26 - I know a lot of people loved our new dolls from Angel and Devils collection, just would like to let you know that new dolls were published... make sure you check them out!! :)

    06/25 - Adriana dollmaker extended with many new items: new wonderful tops, pants, skirts etc. New dollz are coming soon...

    06/24 - Published new Angel and Devil Dolls and new Pirate Dolls. More dolls and dollmaker updates coming soon... :)

    06/22 - We are trying to focus on reported bugs and extension for the fairies maker:) There are still some issues with doll album, but we are working on it and everything should be fixed within days.

    06/18 - Summer & Winter Fairies Doll Maker is completed, one-click version of the dollmaker is coming soon.

    06/16 - Maintenance completed sucessfully.. We were back online within 15 minutes. Some dollmakers had problem loading initially, but everything should be OK by now.

    expect to see another dollmaker over a weekend :)

    06/12 - Check out the new Angel and Devils dolls!!!

    We found couple of bugs fixed with Dollz Album, that were fixed this morning. Now album works faster and all owners should be able to delete items that they don't like.

    06/11 - Many of you asked to be able to delete the items from the Dollz Album, and I thought: "Why Not?"... ;)

    Now you can sign-in and clean up your personal Dollz Album and get rid of all the dolls that you don't need.

    06/08 - So you were able to create the dollz... now you can really show them off :) introducing new TDP Personal Dollz Albums. Every time you make a doll on the dollmaker it is automatically saved to your album so you can look at it and show it to your friends later on.

    P.S. You need to have TDP account and be logged in if you would like to see the dolls in the album.

    06/04 - Mermaids of the Caribbean DollMaker is finally open to all members!!! Make wonderful mermaids and pirates... have fun at The Doll Palace.

    06/04 - We found some people having problems with our makers if they use Google Toolbar. If you having issues with browser closing while on the maker try to reinstall Google Toolbar.

    06/04 - Our maintenance is completed and Mermaid maker will be open tonight.

    05/28 - NYC Mermaid Parade is on June 24th, but we could not wait that long:) This week is official Mermaids week for TDP. New Mermaids of the Caribbean doll maker is already available to premium members. Next weekend Mermaids dollmaker will also be available to all standard members.

    05/25 - If you liked the idea of saving your own selections you will love "MyClick" makers. MyClick dollmakers option is available to all members. Look for the MyClick link under "Make Dolls" banner after you sign in.

    05/25 - Fixed shirts for guys in Preps maker...

    05/23 - Now you can easily share your dollmaker category selection if you have tdp account. To share your dollmaker simply select the categories, and scroll all the way down, click "Save Category Selection" and type in the name for your maker on the right. Click "Start Maker" and you will be redirected to a new address (URL of your maker). Give this address to your friends or post it on your own site, so your friends and visitors can play with the maker you created (your selection of props).

    05/23 - Added more categories with guys props in preps dollmaker.

    05/21 - A lot of problems this Sunday.. We still work on optimization, but hopefully it will be completed very soon.

    05/19 - Completed minor adjustments to Adriana maker and added another category with animated items to standard preps dollmaker.

    05/15 - Since most of the people voted for Jewelry as a best present for the Mother's Day, I was wondering what do people wear? You can always cast your vote in our poll at the bottom of the page.

    05/14 - Well the weekend of Adriana fever is over and we are focusing on tradional dolls and dollmakers. New mermaid dolls are published and more summer dolls are coming soon.

    05/13 - Hm... currently site is running a bit slow because of the Adriana dollmaker launch. We are working on dollmaker optimizations so it should run faster later on.

    05/12 - So we figured.... you like Foxes ;)

    Added more fox tails, ears and animated tails. Foxy tails and Ears are now in different dollmaker categories. Another surprise for today is Adriana dollmaker....(tonight we will be finally publishing the URL).

    05/11 - It is only Thursday, but we already added new mermaid dolls. Hm... Mother's Day is coming ... Was always wondering: can mermaids be mothers?

    05/10 - New hair added to Adriana maker and more items are coming very soon. Cover doll Emma changed again to get even more impressive look.

    05/06 - Finally Adriana Doll Maker has been published. The Link is currently available on the front page to all premium members and will be published to everybody in one week. Hint: Adriana dress-up game is not limited to premium accounts, if you have a standrad account, ask any of your premium friends for the url or Doll-Edit code and you will be able to play the game now.

    05/06 - New dolls are published.. Check out wonderful mermaids and mother's day dolls. We extended old Christmass - Winter Dollmaker with new items. Our new maker is coming tonight.

    05/05 - I am so excited about coming updates... We will have a lot of new dolls, all different categories and themes and I think everything will be up tomorrow. I also think that over the weekend we will finally be able to publish another big update for the shuni maker + another brand new dress up game (cover doll type). Please check the news tomorrow ;)

    05/04 - New dolls and New Fox Tails Category on generic doll maker tabs (Preps).

    05/02 - Started dolls on a brand new base, currently we only offer Keira Knightley, but more is coming (check them out in our New Dolls section).

    04/29 - We had to rename couple of clubs and cliques to make sure they are ssuitable for all the members. Next time around we will delete them. Please always follow TDP Terms & Conditions if you do not want your clubs / posts to be deleted or renamed.

    04/28 - Added new Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley dolls. Hope you will like them.

    04/28 - Some small updates to The Doll Maker entrance page. New dolls are coming soon :)

    04/24 - I didn't put a note on the page, but hope that all of you noticed wonderful new Johnny Depp Dolls. BTW Dollmaker color blinker is fixed... thank you for letting us know about the problem.

    04/21 - Added many new items and subcategories to our Shaded Unique doll maker.

    04/19 - Yes, it is official now, Annallee and MIA_shawty are our winners for "Base Edit - Spring 2006" contest. All updates are on the contest page. Get ready, we have another contest coming!! ;)

    04/16 - If you have premium, check out those blinking white dots you get when selecting the items in the doll maker, you may find something new there ;)

    04/15 - We extended Oscar Celebrity Doll Maker with new Easter Items and Accessories.

    04/15 - Easter is coming and The Doll Palace just got new Easter Dolls, wonderful Easter Emma Cover dolls and Easter Guys Dolls.

    04/13 - New Guy Dolls and Dolls & Sports. We are still discussing the contest results, please give us couple of more days and we will publish everything.

    04/10 - Since some of the members (like peep05 and co) decided to simply disregard my warnings about Doll Points collection and continued to run the scripts,we placed new limits on number of DollPoints you can get during one day. Different activities have different limits, but this is all I can say ;)

    04/09 - Our Base Edit contest is finished, but we will need couple of days to analyze the data we have. I think we will post the winners Tuesday/Wednesday.

    04/08 - As promised new dress up game - dollmaker for Guys is finally open to public. We added one-click Guys Dollmaker link to the front page and you can also find Guys categories in our maker under "Dollz" tab.

    04/08 - Our Cover Doll Emma changed again... today she is getting ready for a wedding :)

    04/08 - Less than 24 hours left until we end our Base Edit contest.

    04/08 - We added new wonderful guy dolls. New Guys maker will be extended and open to everyone over the weekend as I promised...

    04/07 - I finally figured out what was going wrong.... apparently a lot of people decided to abuse the system to get more dollpoints. I know that you had no idea, but the kind of abuse I noticed takes a lot of resources and slows down entire site.

    Instead of working on a new dolls/makers and features, we now have to put everything on hold and develop a system to prevent this kind of abuse... I will be posting new updates soon.... ;)

    04/06 - Some small additions to the maker... new items coming soon ;)

    04/05 - Premium members can now preview our new Guys Dress-Up Dollmaker (under dollz tab). This maker will be available to everybody this weekend.

    04/04 - Cover doll Emma changed into her spring outfit and we getting ready for the next round of the dollmaker updates ;)

    04/01 - We added very basic profile styles editor to our friends section (last page of profile creation). The editor will help you to add proper colors and styles to your profile.

    Oh... yes.... it is April Foolís day..
    One of the Jokes:

    04/01 - We published new Guy Dolls and Avatars and our Oscar celebrity maker was extended with new dresses, tops and haircuts.

    03/30 - You can now disable / enable comments on your profiles in Friends Section (Last page of profile editing).

    03/30 - New dolls + some additional modifications to the profiles. Now you can easily add the code for the profile on the very last page of profile editing.

    03/28 - I made some minor modifications to friends section... this was done just to make sure people close all the tags and always create valid HTML. Please review new styles for the profiles (defined at the top) of the profile html. We also enabled short url to the profiles. Now you can quickly jump to your profile using following link (Will provide permalink in profiles a bit later).

    03/27 - I know that premium members did not get anything new for a while now, hope new doll maker glittery options will compensate for some of it.

    03/25 - New Dollls, new Emma Cover Dolls, new gossip stories!!!

    03/24 - We have a lot of nice new entries in "Base Edit - Spring 2006" contest so I would recommend to check it out . Btw. If you are a webmaster or a member of doll forums it would be really cool if you could let people know about our contest :) We have only 15 days left to find the winner after all....

    03/24 - Some technical mambo-jumbo for people that care ;) :
    As you noticed we had some problems during last couple of days. The problem appeared to be DDOS attack on DNS servers.

    We are in process of switching over to a different DNS resolution provider. If everything goes well we will have a new faster US based DNS servers in place in couple of hours.

    03/23 - New ShUni (Shaded Unique) dollmaker is now open. You can get it with "General-ShUni" tab or via Quick Category Jumps on the front page. We will be adding more items to Oscar Celebrity dress up games over the weekend.

    03/23 - We experience some issues with DNS provider. I hope this will be fixed very soon.

    03/22 - If you have not seen our base edit contest yet, you should definitely check it out. We've got a lot of new nice entries there.

    We updated contest pages with new page selector and another gossip article was published in the morning.

    03/21 - We did some minor adjustments to TDP contest engine; I hope it will help you with your own contests as well.

    Please do not try to submit dolls to Spring 2006 contest that you made on doll makers or that were made on bases that are not offered. We are manually going over every submission to make sure all of them comply with the requirements of the contest.

    03/19 - Added some new Shakira dolls.

    03/19 - I was giving hints about this contest for a week... and now it is finally open. "TDP Base Edit - Spring 2006" is open and we are waiting for your submissions.

    03/18 - We added new Shakira dolls. Our cover doll Emma decided to surprise everyone with new outfits once again ;) Come back soon for another contest...

    03/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

    03/16 - Many new guy dolls and more Leprecons for St. Patrick Day ;) Hope you like them.

    03/15 - St. Patrick day is coming and we decided to publish some guy dolls for the holiday. If you like to create hand drawn dolls, make sure you also check our bases. New male base and base for for the Cover Doll Emma are now available.

    P.S. As I mentioned before, try to practice your doll creation skills... you will need them ;)

    03/14 - Welcome our new front page Doll. "Cover Doll" Emma is now featured on the front page as a background for our news column.

    03/11 - We officially finished "Guess the Oscar Doll" Competition. Congratulations to our winner: dolphingirl689. We will be running another contest very soon... always watch for updates.

    03/11 - New items in Oscar Celebrity Maker. This update includes a lot of dresses from recent ceremony.

    03/10 - Last couple of hours to submit your answer in our "Guess The Oscar Celebrity" competition.

    03/10 - Check out our new Oscar celebrity dolls!!!

    Snow Fairies are back on TDP.... Even though the winter is over we decide to have some more fairies in the collection.

    03/10 - "Guess The Doll Competition" is almost over, make sure you participate... We will announce the winner this Saturday.

    03/06 - I know you want to hear the updates on "Guess The Doll Competition" ;) I can only tell you that now we have 14 people that correctly got all 7 celebrities.

    06/03 - New Oscar Celebrity Doll Maker is now available. We added another tab under dollz and new one-click dollmaker link. You can also find couple of new shortcut links for our popular dollmakers.

    03/05 - Reese Witherspoon wins the Oscar for the best actress!!! It is nice to know that 55% of The Doll Palace visitors voted for her as well ;)

    03/05 - I hope you didn't miss out on the chance to compete for a prize in our "Guess The Oscar Doll" contest. You still have a chance if you play now...

    In preparation for tonight we added more Oscar dolls and we will add more next week after the show ;)

    03/03 - Dont miss our preparation for St. Patrick's Day and Oscar Nights... A lot of new dolls, new Doll-Girl Gossip articles and another poll... :)

    Hint: Pay attention to our new Oscar dolls ... new competition is coming....

    02/27 - We now have new Lindsay Lohan always... more is coming ;)

    02/24 - We added new spring dolls, celebrity dolls, and huge new emo doll maker. Maker category selection screen was changed to simplify the selection process.

    Hope you will like the changes.

    02/24 - I am very sorry for the problems... I am not sure if you noticed, but there was a connectivity problem this morning (EST). We are working to make sure everything is back to normal.

    Hope our new updates over a weekend will compensate for this :)

    02/18 - Spring is coming to TDP!!! ;)

    Articles were separated from the news and shouts and we will finally start approving news posted by users (we've got a lot of new posts last week). Poll has been changed... I know a lot of you got tired looking at the old one.

    I think new topics in Girl-Doll articles are quite amusing so I would recommend you to stop there for couple of minutes...

    New Spring dolls and more avatars for Jessica Simpson style... more is coming

    02/14 - Happy Valentines Day!!!

    02/13 - New Valentines Day doll maker is finally available as a one-click maker. You can also try combining categories from Valentines maker with other New Emo Style categories (visit Doll Maker -> Dollz to select categories).

    02/11 - Another news for our loyal visitors ;) For next couple of weeks we will try publishing some new articles in our Cartoon Doll News Section. I hope you will like selected material and we will have some new topics to talk about in our forums.

    02/10 - Look at our new wonderful Valentines Day Dolls and Couples.

    02/04 - Some more music dolls for you posted today, maker items coming soon.

    02/02 - I think you may want to double check our DollPoints shop. Something new could be waiting for you there any time ;) ...

    01/29 - And you thought Fairy dolls are cool.... ;) I just love surprises!! Our new Emo Dolls maker is ready for all of you ... free to use for all the members.

    This is not a traditional Emo palace dollz that most of us know and recognize. We tried to create real Emo avatar maker where you can actually show people your personality. Hope you like it!!
    -Head Dollmaker Jessica :)

    01/28 - New emo style dolls published... if you like new emo style check them out in our "New Dolls" section. We also added new items in fairy doll maker.

    01/27 - We are slowly working towards the new maker and upgrades on existing ones. We will be adding more dolls and some new fairy doll maker items over the weekend.

    01/25 - Another set of dolls and now with some extra bases... Hope you like them.

    01/22 - I know we were really late on last new dolls updates, but they are finally here. New emo style dolls again in the top row :).

    Thank you very much for comments on New Jasmine DollMaker, next week we will try to make sure our Alexis maker can use the same interface.

    01/14 - Some New Emo style dolls and another big milestone for The Doll Palace: today we finally reached the mark of 2 million users.

    01/14 - All right our new beta version of the Jasmine maker is ready. Please help us test everything... New doll maker interface looks and feels much better then the old one. We are planning to make it available to standard members with another set of items once everything is completed.

    01/13 - Another unexpected suprize.... :) USPS increased First Class mail to 39c (from 37c). We had couple of request for stickers and had to add those black 2c stamps on top. Hopefully everything will be delivered.

    01/07 - New Fairies and finally something that you all've been asking for... small Guys :) We make them available at 0 DP so you can use them for chat without fear... :)

    01/05 - Another nice feature for all members [I think most of the people will find it]... Please do not tell us that we never do anything for standard members... :)

    01/05 - We started the final phase of the fairies cycle. Artanis / new fairy front page doll / brought you another fairy Doll Maker. New doll maker is available via dollz tabs on standard maker and as a one-click maker from the front page.

    12/29 - Have you seen our new fantasy and celebrity dolls??

    12/27 - Something new and cool for premium members... Check out old doll maker color rotation tool, you probably missed something :)

    And to make it fair to entire community and standard members, we decided to make sure our new big maker will be available next week to everybody.

    12/26 - A lot of people asked us to make available premium memberships as gifts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying premium membership as a gift for someone so we decided to finally make this option available. You can find the link at the bottom of the main menu if you are not logged in or at the top of "Premium Membership" screen if you logged into your own account.

    12/25 - After careful analysis we decided to make popular makers available as One-Click makers. Makers with popular categories can now be found on the front page.

    12/24 - I didn't spot it right away, but our new dolls link was not showing correct information (and nobody mentioned this ;) ), anyway, the link was corrected and real new dolls were published :). Take a look at all the wonderful fairies and snow fairies we have to offer.

    12/21 - New One-click doll makers for our users. One click makers are simple shortcuts to our regular maker that allow fast load of popular image categories.

    12/18 - Missed yesterdays updates :), but I'm sure all of you noticed our new dollz. Our new additions include wonderful snow fairies and beautiful fantasy dolls.

    12/15 - New huge Goth/Fairy maker is available for all premium members. We will try to make it available for all members in couple of weeks.

    12/13 - Heard a lot of news and rumors about Jessica Simpson? Come to The Doll Palace and check out our new Jessica Simpson dollz...

    12/12 - So you like fantasy?!! We added many more fairies to our constantly growing dollz collection.

    12/11 - Some unannounced additions to Jasmine Maker. If you like jasmine check out all the new items we've added for her.

    12/08 - Fairy week on TDP ... We decided to create a lot of fairies for you this weekend. Different bases, different dollz.... all wonderful fairies :) only on TDP this weekend.

    12/04 - We decided to make new Favorite Dollz page available for all members. Add to Favorites star has been added under all dolls in New Dollz and Dollz and Bases collections. Soon this option will be available in all collections and doll selector.

    12/03 - Added new dollz, new celebrity dollz section for Sarah Jessica Parker and wonderful new dollz portraits.

    12/03 - Added new Anastasia bases to our new Large Dollz Bases collection. New dollz are coming soon.

    12/02 - My personal thank you to cherryland, wolfpackgurl and usascs for bringing so many new members to The Doll Palace. Not only our referral program gives you a lot of dollpoints very soon you will be able to win prizes. You can find more about Referral Program in FAQ or in our Manual.

    12/02 - We had some problems in the morning related to upcoming updates.... everything should be operational now.

    11/30 - Introducing Adriana - our new front page doll from TDP Girls series. Original plan was to wait until the new updates, but she was so beautiful that I could not keep her away any longer :)

    11/29 - New Fantasy and New Year Dollz

    11/26 - New Items in our Winter Maker.... now you can add some Gothic items to your dollz.

    We fixed problems with colors on backgrounds and sport accessories, also fixed minor issue with "No Mouse" option.

    11/25 - I will not go into details, but I am sure everyone noticed new maker functions... :)

    11/24 - Added new backgrounds for dollz winter maker

    11/20 - Publihed a lot of new dollz for fantasy and winter collection.

    11/18 - New free winter maker is now open!!! Look for all new dollz items under dollz - winter dollmaker tab.

    11/16 - We added some nice new fonts for standard and premium members.... New fonts will much better fit the images and quotes.

    11/16 - We had to take out the option of using images in Clubs 'N Cliques titles. It was hard to put the URL of the image properly and often those images were breaking the page. If you used image in title of your club/clique please replace it with text.

    11/13 - We published a lot of new dollz including dolls for celebrity and fantasy collection.

    11/13 - Translation project is well under way and we decided to provide language selector for all our members. We will not be able to translate everything, but we will try to do our best :)

    I appreciate help of all people that help us with this project and work with us on conversion of the pages.

    11/06 - We added new fantasy dolls and did some nice enhancements to the competition interface.

    11/05 - We just added new winter dollz on different bases... you have to take a look. Don't miss our Web Surf Competition; it is really nice chance for people to win our prizes and membership.

    11/03 - We added new category for fairy dollz and changed pages where dolls are published to include the name of the category under each doll.

    11/02 - A day of small bugs and big fixes.... :) Doll Chat has been fixed, but it did take us a while to figure everything out. Dollmaker Build was fixed for users without membership and finally "Pick Doll" on all Bases, Thematic Dollz and other sub pages has been fixed.

    11/01 - Some of you may find nice color picker on TDP Dollmaker :) Make sure you try it if you see it in front of you :)

    10/30 - Well, winter is coming and we've got new "Winter Dollz" for you... Check out our New Dollz link.

    10/28 - We added more items for Lolita maker. New dollz will be published over the weekend.

    10/28 - New Doll Maker (dollmaker) V2 engine is finally here. Very nice and easy to use interface, constant tips and notes on usage, new functionality and new "Click & Drag" mode.

    10/25 - New Lolita maker is now available in Dollz section for premium members. Next Dollz Winter maker will be available for all the members. New maker v3 interface is coming soon :)

    10/23 - More and more dollz are arriving to TDP every day... Today we've added wonderful sets of Halloween and Gothic dollz. We just released Clubs 'N Cliques yesterday and today we over 300 clubs and cliques with everyone competing for the first place...

    10/22 - Finally Clubs-N-Cliques is open. Many weeks in development and testing and finally you can create your own clubs and cliques on TDP. Look for link on the homepage under "Play Dollz".

    10/19 - We started new series of revisions for our doll maker (dollmaker). We added keyboard arrows shortcuts to drag the items. Simply select and position the item with mouse and fine-tune the position with keyboard arrow keys or arrow keys on numerical keypad.

    10/18 - Added new Gothic Dollz and Dolls for Dollz of Color collection.

    10/15 - Published many wonderful dollz.... Now TDP has over 70 cute Halloween dollz ready and we started two new categories: Dollz of Color and Gothic Dollz (Everything under Dollz & Bases section)

    10/14 - New categories and items for maker: Dollz -> Community project. Thanks to everyone who participated in creation of the items.

    10/08 - New wonderful Halloween Dollz spotted in Dollz and Bases section :) New icon for DP Shop seems to work a lot better. We have a lot of people getting new items for their accounts :)

    Don't you think TDP C&C Beta could be interesting?? (Hint check forums).

    10/02 - New dollz published.... We will add more doll flavors next week.

    Over 1000 people used Doll Points to get new Raver Maker.... don't be late... Visit our Doll Points shop to use your virtual points and get that maker now.

    10/01 - Fixed the problem with timeouts during editing of the profile in TDP Friends section.

    09/29 - New Halloween Dollz and new Halloween Doll Maker items including new Backgrounds and Costumes for Glamour Doll Maker.

    09/29 - I know that doll chat is probably not the best replacement for the old chat... please give us some more time.... we will get the better one.

    09/26 - New Huge Raver Maker is now available in our Doll Points shop. Donít miss on a wonderful deal to add many categories to your doll making experience. Click "Dollpoints" link under your sign-in name on the front page to view the points shop.

    09/24 - New Halloween Dollz Arrived :)

    09/23 - All right.. I felt like giving something out... :) I know it was almost a week since last update....

    We completed another big maker that will be available early next week for 150 points. Make sure you collected enough Doll Points to get it right away. As always we will be releasing new dolls and adding some items to Glamour Maker over the weekend.

    09/17 - Look for our New Unique dolls and Halloween dollz. We also added many new items in Dollz - Glamour dollmaker.

    09/10 - New celebrity dollz and blonde dolls published, improved page with Doll HTML Codes.

    09/10 - Fixed problem with delivery of dollmails... New dollz and maker items are coming tomorrow.

    09/07 - A lot of new dollz, including guys, Disney and celebrities.

    09/04 - Redefining Beauty....
    New Jasmine maker!!!

    09/03 - New items in Dollz - Glamour maker. We added new nice backgrounds that can be used with other Dollz Makers, new dresses, tops and many other items.

    09/01 - Something new for our Avatar Chat dollers... We finally replaced the background that was there for years. Now we have real Palace View room :)

    08/29 - Look for our New premium Glamour dollmaker under Dollz Tab. We are still working on items, but you can start playing.

    08/27 - New Angelina Jolie dollz and bases. The dollz chat is finally open for public (Under Play Dolls).

    08/25 - New wonderful Zodiac and Kelly Clarkson dollz, you have to take a look....

    We finally replaced our old chat with new "Doll Chat" so if you donít like Avatar Chat you can try something different (we are still testing it, but it is open for everyone).

    08/24 - Well... first set of stickers is on its way to all people that requested them... Please make sure you include a self addressed stamped envelope with every request. We will not be able to send any stickers if you do not provide stamped envelope.

    08/19 - Almost all the icons on our dollmaker are finally in place.

    08/13 - We finally got some dollz for our current poll leader Kelly Clarkson. We also extended collection for Mariah Carey.

    08/13 - As promised earlier... we published many new Dollz. This time we added many celebrity dollz: Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry and others.

    We also upgraded Dollmaker selection tabs. New tabs will have sub selections under the tab.

    Look for our new maker under "Dollz" tab "Community" sublink. This is a Community Project that is based on Dollz and was created by TDP Members.

    08/12 - Just would like to give you some updates on what is coming this weekend... New Community Dollmaker based on TDP Dollz will be up and available to all visitors. We will be adding many more Dollz and couple of new Bases. New selections are coming in Dollz and Stories, starting next week we will be allowing Rants, Questions, Announcements, Jokes. These types of works will be separated from Dollz and Stories general ratings.

    08/06 - Another milestone for The Doll Palace: we have over 15 million dolls made by our members... and I think you noticed our new smiling TDP Girl on the news background :)

    08/06 - We started another celebrity poll for this week; letís see if Angelina Jolie will be the favorite this time around.

    08/05 - So you like Beyonce ?? :) Check out our new Beyonce dolls in Dollz and Bases collection.

    07/30 - Small glitch in Dollz and Stories now fixed...

    07/30 - New Zodiac dollz and yet another version of Hermione Granger to please our Harry Potter fans. We also added Goth silents to our premium makers.

    07/29 - Next milestone for TDP: Our original Dollz Maker is now available to all the members (Look for Dollz tab on dollmaker). We will be adding more items and next base very soon.

    07/27 - Another set of dollz featuring Britney Spears and another version of Harry Potter.

    07/25 - More dollz and another version of Hermione Granger for our Harry Potter fans.

    07/24 - After over 4 weeks of development and testing we finally ready to show our new Pixel Art PixEditor. Because of the server load this feature is currently only available to our premium members.

    07/19 - Harry Potter Categories for Thematic maker are now for sale in our Doll Points shop. You can always access Doll Points shop via "Items Box" by clicking the DollPoints link under your sign-in name on The Doll Palace front page.

    07/19 - Another set of Dollz now including Harry Potter and Hermione Granger on a different base.

    07/17 - New dolls including Holiday, Blondes, Dollz.... special surprise for Harry Potter fans.... we now have Hermione Granger in DollZ and Bases.

    07/04 - We added new items and haircuts for Alexis Maker. Jasmine maker is coming soon.

    07/02 - Check out new dollz with "Batman - Girl" and " Lara Croft - Tomb Raider ".

    07/01 - I felt that I had to explain what happened today.... First of all the good news: this was not a security issue. This was an anticipated downtime related to the internal upgrades. According to our estimates this upgrade would not be noticeable to most of the users. But as you know it didn't go as planned. At present moment the site is fully operational and we are getting much better response time. I will not take more of your time here.... for more details visit our forums.

    06/26 - We had another problem with emails (sorry for the delay in delivery). Hopefully new upgrade will fix this issue.

    06/25 - We are sorry for the site slow downs in the afternoon... We are working hard to make sure the problem is resolved as soon as possible. We will have much better performance and better response time after July 4.

    06/22 - New DollZ and Bases arrived!!!

    06/22 - Very handy "+ Add Item" button added to the main DollMaker interface. Now you can add items from the categories that you forgot to include during the initial selection or items from the categories that didn't load completely.

    06/20 - I know it sounds too good to be true :) but now premium members can Supersize Filemanager (new item in DollPoints Shop).

    06/19 - Check for new dollmaker items in DollPoints Shop ;)

    06/18 - Updated DollZ collection and front page News Doll. We also fixed couple of bugs in our Avatar Chat.

    06/16 - If you received an email with request to update or validate your Doll Palace profile, please delete it right away. Please do not open those emails, they are not coming from us. We are against spam and never send you emails if you did not take any action that would require us to do so (like recovering account info or requesting a doll).

    Just follow the rules of the net and never open emails with attachments if you are not sure what is inside.

    06/11 - Doll Maker functionality for Double Click was enhanced. Double clicking the item will not only move the item to the top, but also create a "copy" of the item in the "Build Place".

    06/11 - If you like making Candybars and still did not get "Candybar Maker Pass" follow "Get more items" link under the avatar in our Candybar Maker. This pass is available to all members of The Doll Palace, but you need to have DollPoints to get it.

    06/09 - Clue: Find the Doll Points Shop -> use DPs to get Candybar Maker Pass -> Get more items in Candybar Maker... If you can not figure it out look for more details tonight or tomorrow ;)

    06/02 - We fixed a small bug in Fashion Shows that prevented DollPoints from being properly assigned to all winners.

    06/01 - Updated profile creation in Friends section. New html editor should help people to create better profiles.

    05/30 - New Fashion Shows @ The Doll Palace... Check it out!!! Make dolls, participate in shows, earn DollPoints.

    05/29 - Like Star Wars??? Check out our new dollz and Darth Vader avatar.

    05/25 - Bad news.... Because of the required update of the forums package we lost last week of posts in forums. :( We were able to migrate all the previous posts and all the related data.

    Doll selector in Forums profiles was fixed, now you can select any doll from TDP Collections for you forum profile.

    05/22 - The Doll Palace was always about dollz, but for some reason we never thought about including real Hand-Drawn Pixelart Dollz. Our new DollZ collection will include many bases and real Hand-Drawn Dollz on those bases. If you like making dollz you can use our bases and your own ideas to make new creations.... Please give credit for bases...

    05/19 - Introducing "Dollpoints" - the official currency for The Doll Palace. We felt that a lot of members have to be awarded for their participation and decided to use Dollpoints. In coming weeks you will be able to spend them to get better dollz and participate in activities that cost dollpoints.

    05/13 - By majority vote the doll on the front page news was named "Jasmine". Thank you for voting and helping us to select a nice name for this wonderful doll.

    05/03 - Fixed small problem with Avatar chat where the doll would not animate after setting rules/info for the room.

    05/02 - Introducing "Girls of TDP Dolls"... will be showing one new doll a week on the front page.

    04/26 - Added Room Maker and adjusted Avatar Chat so new rooms can be used as backgrounds in chat.

    04/20 - Added new Alexis items and Glittery Dolls.

    04/16 - We enhanced personal profile with page numbers for comments; the page was also modified to make sure it always fits inside the frame.

    04/16 - We added "Personal Friends" section that allows you to create the list of your friends on The Doll Palace. Avatar chat was adjusted for this new section. We added additional screen to help you find your friends status and their location in the chat.

    04/13 - We added more smiles in Avatar Chat, also added signature option for contest item submission. Signature option will make sure that all your contest submissions are signed with your sign-in name.

    04/07 - More... more... and more dolls... Isn't this what the site is about?

    We added low bandwidth option in Avatar Chat. This should allow our dial up members to use the chat.

    04/07 - Added smilies to avatarchat.

    04/05 - We adjusted the doll maker so you will have to set the size of the "Build Space" before starting building the doll. This should eliminate the problem with shifted parts on the final image.

    04/03 - Even more dolls, and looks like you missed some of the categories in Thematic Doll Maker tab...

    04/02 - New glitter dolls in town. Updated Animated and Glitter dolls section. TDP Doll Selector tool was also updated so you can use those dolls in different sections of the site.

    04/02 - Check out doll maker Thematic tab ;)

    03/31 - We added more bodies for all users in Unique maker. Additional categories are coming soon.

    03/31 - Well guys, according to our last poll, if you have a sense of humor and look nice, you should have no problem finding a girl on TDP.

    03/30 - Avatar chat is officially open to all FireFox and Safari (Mac) users. We are still in testing mode, but you can start using it.

    03/24 - New TDP Polls are ready, participate and check out the results.

    We added wings element in Alexis and Emily Makers. Currently we work on additional real items for those makers, but still do not have a date when they will become available.

    03/22 - Introducing Alexis - Brand new doll series from The Doll Palace. !!!!

    Once again about the safety.... Please make sure you keep your account information secure. Do not let other people use or borrow your TDP account. The Doll Palace will never ask you for your password.

    03/13 - Why not just add icons to our stories?... Well, why not! ;)

    03/12 - Updated dollmaker chat, updated software and increased security.

    03/08 - Updated contests section, now it should be a bit easier to navigate and rate the items.

    02/26 - Today we finally found some time to add new dolls. ;) / I know it took quite a while..../

    02/17 - Please make sure everything you create on the site is suitable for children of all ages. If you post profanity in any form your account will be locked and post will be deleted. Please, please, please follow our rules ...

    02/14 - Happy Valentines Day!!!

    01/30 - Our helpdesk indicated that last week email problem hit us hard...hundreds of request concerning delivery of the emails. The problem has been resolved, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience. We hope all the emails were delivered after all.

    01/26 - Another surprise for premium members....
    Check out "Personal" tab in our dollmaker. We finally were able to complete the section in usable form. We tried to make it as simple as possible, but it does look a bit confusing in the beginning.

    01/26 - During last couple of days we had a problem with partial email delivery. We noticed the problem yesterday and at this time it is completely fixed. All emails that we had in pending queue were sent out.

    01/15 - Added comments to stories section.
    Have Fun ;)

    01/05 - Support team is finally in place and we are going through the helpdesk tickets. We will need couple of days to review everything.

    We will be down for couple of minutes around 5PM EST on January 5 2004 (Today). This downtime is required for our future upgrade that is coming this weekend.

    01/05 - Fixed Dollz and Stories so it will not time out and ask you to sign-in while you are writing a long story (Thanks Alaina for the note).

    12/28 - We are in the process of restructuring. There is a delay on support and shipping, but everything will be resolved within next week. All support tickets will have to be submitted via helpdesk site since our email will be not available until January 3. We are very sorry for the caused production delay. We will be doing everything possible to get email and support up as soon as possible.

    This reorganization will not affect the performance of the site and will help us to improve the response time when update is completed.

    12/18 - We finally released new holiday Screen Saver. You can download new version @ This is our software (made and compiled by The Doll Palace). We guarantee that it is free from Viruses, Adware and Spyware.

    Please never install any screen savers downloaded from the internet if you are not sure about the safety of the program or have no information about the company that made it.

    12/10 - A lot of people were confused about the profile editing. We decided include "Profile" button in the Avatarchat top toolbar for easy profile access from that section.

    12/10 - We know you love dolls.... :) Want to carry one with you all the time on a keychain?! We added Custom Doll Key Rings to our product line. You can now order a key ring with any doll from our collection or the one you create on our dollmaker.

    Hurry up! Get a small nice holiday present!

    12/03 - Don't you think that every doll should have a story?! Finally we give this opportunity to create one for any doll you like. Check out new "Dollz and Stories" section on TDP.

    11/30 - We finally switched to holiday theme; more holiday surprises are coming up.

    We recently discovered a problem with icons section on one of our computers. This glitch would make the section unavailable to half of the visitors. Everything has been fixed and should be working properly at this point.

    11/19 - Added a lot of new dolls in Mystics Dollytypes collection.

    11/01 - Another fix for Candybar Maker: we finally were able to fix the problem that prevented members with Safari browsers from using the maker.

    10/24 - New dolls and new update on the front page...

    We optimized the front page elements and reduced the site initial loading time. We had to remove the top welcome image that Doll Palace had for almost 5 years (another sad moment in our history).

    10/18 - Another milestone for The Doll Palace:
    In July 2002 we started counting all the dolls that were made on our dollmakers and today this count reached 10 million!!

    10/09 - Happy Halloween!!!

    We decided to change our front page theme a little for the coming holiday (doesn't happen that often on TDP ;) LOL)

    Entire last week of work is finally available on our new Emily Maker (currently available only to our premium users, but we will make an exception and make it available to standard users later this year). If you like Candy Bar Maker Interface and Emily Doll you will definitely like our new Emily maker setup. We are still working on this section and there is a chance that you will find some bugs in the interface, but your feedback and comments are always welcome.

    09/30 - We added more items to our new Emily project. Emily maker is still in Beta Test Mode and we continue working on the interface.

    Couple of days ago we finalized the development of the Candy Bar Doll Maker by adding body type selector.

    09/12 - Finally our original FAQ page had to go... ;( Very sad moment because it was one of the original (historic) pages of the site. We completely redesigned our FAQ Area and added search. We also published most of the questions we were asked during the last 2 years ;)

    09/05 - Added CandyBar Doll Maker. It is available to all registered users [including all free (standard) accounts]. We are still working on it, but you can start making your CandyBar dolls and get familiar with basic interface of the new maker.

    08/26 - And another improvement....
    After almost 3 years HTML codes are back on The Doll Palace. We added HTML Codes for almost all the dolls in our collections. More dolls are coming...

    08/18 - Emily Doll is finally in Beta-Testing on The Doll Palace. More Emily images and dollmaker items are coming soon.

    08/18 - Please follow TDP Terms of use while creating the contests and/or approving the items. We will be deleting all the inappropriate contests from the listing.

    08/15 - Last month we worked a lot to make the site faster. We managed to improve the access speed but more upgrades are coming...

    08/05 - Addded more dolls (Gothics, Guys and Holidays), added two more special rooms for Avatarchat and fixed small bugs with The Doll Maker.

    07/25 - We extended dollmaker with new right click context menu. Still under development, but it does not hurt to try it out.

    07/19 - We added another feature to the chat. "Report Offence" button is located at the bottom of the "Conversation Log". This button reports entire room conversation to us. If we spot people asking for the account password we will immediately block the access to the people that asked for that information.

    07/18 - As probably most of you already noticed we added "Playground" room to the Avatarchat. We also added ability to Kick and Ban users. This functionality is only available to the owners of the rooms (room creators).

    07/12 - We are very sorry for the downtime during the past weekend.
    We were trying to do everything we could to make our services available as soon as possible. We did manage to bring everything up on Sunday at 10 AM, however at 6 PM the lines to some of the servers were blocked for the secondary maintenance that we were not aware of.

    07/11 - We have successfully completed the required upgrade. The process took much longer than originally anticipated but we were back online Sunday around 10AM Easter Standard Time.

    07/09 - On Sunday, July 11 from 12AM to 4AM Easter Standard Time (night from Saturday to Sunday) we will be performing scheduled maintenance. This will affect users in following time zones: Pacific Standard Time, Alaska Daylight Time, Alaska Standard Time, Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time, Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time and Samoa Standard Time.

    This update is required to improve the site access speed. During these four hours The Doll Palace servers will not be available and if you try to access the site you will be receiving "The page cannot be displayed" error.

    To find your local time for the beginning of this event please visit:

    07/05 - Added a lot of dolls to our new Preps section in Mystics Dolls Collection.

    07/04 - We identified and fixed the issue related to the delivery of AOL emails. If you tried to create a TDP account with email address and never received your account information, please request it once again @

    We are very sorry for the caused problem. The issue was related to the specifics of the mail protocol on AOL network and was not affecting people with other email addresses.

    06/29 - We fixed a small problem related to GIF file uploads in contest section.

    06/25 - Just to confirm: there is no such a thing as "Premium for Premium". Avatarchat dolls can not talk and currently there is no keyboard controls. The Doll Palace never sends out any kind of solicitation and we did not send the emails asking you to reply with your account information. The Doll Palace team will never ask you for your password information. Please disregard any emails / dollmails requesting you to reply with your sign-in name and password.

    06/22 - We became aware of another type of fraudulent emails that request you to send your TDP Profile information including your sign-in name and password. Please be aware that TDP will never ask you for your password information. Please ignore and delete emails asking you to reply with information that includes your sign-in name and password.

    06/20 - We were able to get back on track with TopDolls approval. All the sites will be approved within next couple of days.

    06/14 - We fixed a problem that we had for last couple of days. Site should be available to all users without time-outs or any other problems. A lot of new things are coming to TDP in next couple of months. We are working on new characters, dollmakers, more palace based and original dolls.

    06/01 - We finally introduced our new Mystics Creations dolls collection. This collection brings hundreds of news dolls to The Doll Palace. You can use them as avatars for our popular chat, forums, cards, buttons, etc.

    05/28 - We are glad to announce that all previously mentioned updates were successfully performed and we do not expect any downtime at this point.

    05/20 - Another small handy tool for our dollmaker... We added "Save Selection" option to our dollmaker categories selection screen. Now you can save your favorite selection of the categories and easily load them next time you are on the site.

    05/18 - We created all of the missing dollmaker category icons. Group also spent a lot of time on Topdolls and Icons sections. Most of the time internal updates are not posted on the front page, but we are always here.... Changing, updating, creating..... The Doll Palace is just the style of life! :)

    05/16 - We updated contest section to allow people to take contest links directly to their sites. We provide contest HTML Code only to the member who created the contest (contest owner).

    05/06 - We added "Finished Contests" tab in our new "Contest section". Now you can review leaders/winners on completed contests.

    04/24 - We fixed minor bugs in TDP Contests. Everything is working properly at this point. A lot of contests are currently running so you should definitely check it out. We also spent some time on TopDolls.... check your email if you had your site pending, it should be approved at this point.

    04/22 - New TDP Contests section is finally showed up on the front page. A lot of different contests will be created soon so everyone can participate.

    04/16 - We had some line problems this morning, however everything was back to normal before 2PM.

    04/14 - Want to use your own BMP dolls from Paint on The Doll Palace? Want to add transparency? With our new Filemanager tools you can upload JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG files (under 30Kb) and add the transparency to any color.

    04/13 - We are a little behind on email/dollmail/helpdesk answers, but we should be able to answer all the questions in next 2-3 days.

    04/13 - Added "Tools" option for filemanager. New section allows easy convert between image formats and adding transparency.

    04/10 - We updated dollmail messages to include only your Sign-In name. To protect your personal information we will not be displaying your first and last names in that section.

    04/03 - We added friendly errors in TopDolls, we also worked on enhancements to the image delivery mechanism.

    04/01 - Another update for PhotoDoll section... We are trying to simplify the section and provide better instructions.

    04/01 - We will not post any jokes, since I guess we all had a lot of them today:) We were really surprised by Google that is about to offer free email accounts with 1Gb mailbox (more details @

    03/28 - We cleaned the TopDolls voting from inactive sites. In case your site has been removed you can always reactivate it by clicking TopDolls banner on your own site (vote for your site).

    03/25 - And again we are late on TopDolls validation; we will try to finish all the approvals before the end of the week. Today we added more icons and created DollQuote search that is currently available to premium members. We are working on updates for our TopDolls section. Hopefully in 2 weeks we will be ready to provide faster and more accurate results.

    03/22 - We almost finished adding capacities for our dollmaker. We are aware of some slow-downs and most of them will be resolved this week. One of the major updates to increase the loading speed will be performed on April 1.

    03/22 - We updated the system to track multiple sign-in evens on the same name. Once again, please do not share your account information...

    03/18 - We are receiving a lot of emails from people that could not sign-in after sharing password information with other members. Please do not give anyone your account information. Person that has access to your account can change your password and you will not be able to sign in after that.

    03/18 - Another surprise for our premium members...

    03/12 - Look for new dolls in our collection!!!

    03/12 - We did have a small network issues today around 3:30PM EST. Services were restored within 30 minutes.

    03/09 - Topsites Multiple reset issue has been fixed. Topsites will be reset once every 24 hours.

    03/04 - We are doing a lot of changes in TopDolls. These updates will help us to better manage active/inactive sites and will speed up new sites validation. We are far behind on sites validation, but trying to speed the process up and finish currently submitted sites before the end of the week.

    03/02 - We found that new email claiming to be from us started circulating in the network (Read email text below). Please do not download the attachment, this email is not coming from us. The Doll Palace does not provide email services and does not send any zip attachments in the emails.

    Hello user of e-mail server,
    Some of our clients complained about the spam (negative e-mail content) outgoing from your e-mail account. Probably, you have been infected by a proxy-relay trojan server. In order to keep your computer safe, follow the instructions.

    Further details can be obtained from attached file.
    For security purposes the attached file is password protected. Password is "66261".

    03/01 - Today we officially joined in fighting NetPal AdWare.

    02/29 - We finally started our new "Gallery" contest. During next couple of weeks you can upload your doll for our future contest. Don't waste your time; we accept only limited number of entries for each contest.

    02/27 - Added link "Report Netpal" to our TopDolls listings. Please report sites that are using NetPal popup so we can clearly identify them in the future.

    02/22 - New Feature: Now you can submit news related to Cartoon Dolls in our "Cartoon Doll News" section. Please review the section and links below this information area.

    02/18 - We added transparency option to Photodoll section. (I know many of you requested this option).

    02/18 - We are a bit behind on TopDolls approvals... spending too much time to keep up with a load of daily questions :) Thank you everyone who left comments on Photodoll. We are reviewing that section and will be making updates/fixes soon.

    02/10 - Added new AIM and MSN Icons. We did minor changes to internal image handling to include our new server.

    02/10 - Our new PhotoDoll section got another heads category.

    02/06 - We finished upgrade of our image servers, site should start loading a bit faster.

    02/05 - On Friday February 6 we will be performing internal upgrades. Site may be unavailable for 5-10 minutes around 6PM EST.

    02/04 - We approved a lot of new Icons....

    02/01 - A Day of FIXES... We fixed a photodoll section problem related to photo upload process. We added link in Photodoll to allow you to leave comments (We had to make minor changes in Helpdesk section to allow comments processing). TopDolls search was changed to fix the selection error; the section was also modified to allow angelfire direct link banners.

    01/31 - Photodoll section lets you create a doll with your own face. This section is still under development, but we decided to let you try it. We are waiting for your comments on improvements in this section.

    01/30 - We added "Save" box to our Sign-In forms. By checking this box you can save your sign-in name for the next time you visit the site.

    01/28 - We started validating icons submitted during last couple of weeks. Hundreds new icons will be released in next couple of days.

    01/22 - We fixed a small issue with new US zip codes. We are a little behind on TopDolls updates, but we should be done in couple of days.

    01/12 - We are getting a lot of emails blaming us for using Spyware. We DO NOT USE AND WILL NOT use any Spyware installers on this site. If you have SpyWare on your computer you did not get it from us. We will keep The Doll Palace safe for all our members. We added article in our manual section ( with information how to clean your computer from Spyware.

    From now on we will not be accepting sites to TopDolls directory if they have any Spyware installers.

    01/09 - Doll AIM and MSN Icons will be updated very soon (we expect to be done in 10 days). We had to hold them because of the internal upgrades.

    01/07 - We changed DollQuote page (available to standard members). Now you can create DollQuotes with your own text.

    01/07 - Fixed blank quote problem.

    01/04 - A lot of changes to TopDolls - Help page. You can now get the red link star without visiting "Edit" section. Simply click on TopDolls - Help page and plug in your Site Id number.

    01/02 - Did you know that almost 4 million different dolls were made on The Doll Palace during the 2003?

    01/01 - We added "Red Link Star" to our TopDolls listings. If you would like your site to have one more star on our listings, visit our TopDolls -> Edit Site section.

    12/27 - We added "Pick" button in filemanager and fixed couple of problems found along the process. We also worked on Avatarchat and added couple of features for private rooms. We started working on Quote Maker.

    12/23 - As most of you realized, we added 2 more rooms to Avatarchat. We also added pagination in our icons sections; it should be easier to browse/find icons.

    12/19 - During last week we did a lot of internal changes. These changes should not affect people in any way, however if something worked for you before and now you have a problem with it you can email helpdesk to review the issue.
    (Helpdesk contact info is located in contacts section at the bottom of the page).

    12/15 - Christmas theme is finally on TDP. This weekend we approved a lot of icons uploaded to us last month.
    We also fixed timeout issues we had last week, new improvements ahead...

    12/11 - It has been 6 days since last update here....
    We are a bit behind on emails and TopSites, but do not worry, emails will be answered and TopSites members will be approved.

    We are working on updates of the software, some minor fixes and preparation for the launch of the new server to make TDP faster. We are experiencing some short delays and timeouts during the day. Our support people are trying to find and fix the problem, but with the amount of information we have it is hard to tell when it will be fixed.

    12/05 - Modified Icons Maker (Iconmaker) to allow dynamic delays for the text frames. This change will let people create icons with different delay (show time) for image scrolling frames and text frames.

    12/03 - Performed system updates to fix recently discovered flaw in the OS.

    11/30 - We just started another GALLERY contest. Hurry up and upload your doll for our next contest.

    11/30 - Fixed couple of Netscape-Safari Issues on dollmaker (Item mix overlay, color selection problem and shift spacer problems).

    11/28 - Fixed "No Doll Provided" dollmaker problem that appeared after our latest update.

    11/26 - Mac users and people using Netscape should be able to use main functionality of our dollmaker. We changed client-end engine for the TDP Dollmaker to support Netscape and Safari. Not everything at this point works as expected, but this was a first great step towards supporting multiplatform environment.

    11/21 - I know we kept you in a dark for a while now... We started working on a complete support of our Dollmaker on Netscape 6.1 and Safari (Mac) in addition to Internet Explorer support that we have now. Mac users will be able to use our dollmaker, however site will not be optimized for mentioned browsers. We also work with Dolliecrave on a completely new solution that will allow different sites to use "Build & Save Process" (c) TDP.

    11/14 - We are currently testing our new babies maker with our premium users and it will be completely released in production this weekend.

    11/11 - More TDP banners (Thanks to Ally). Our Babies dollmaker will be a bit delayed, we will not able to finish it before the weekend.

    11/08 - Current developments:
    Some updates for iconmaker (fixed slashes and added font antialiasing). We are working on babies dollmaker categories, they should be released by next weekend.

    11/06 - We had to work on quote pages because after yesterday performed "modernization" Internet Explorer started hanging in that section. We fixed IE error and adjusted some of the quote fonts. We also added some graphics: generic TDP 88x31 banners (thanks to Dolliecrave), one more TDP TopDolls logo (thanks to Thuggndivazdollz), and some new dolls.

    11/05 - We added "Save [floppy]" link to our dollquote page. Now you can download the quote you like as a file.

    11/04 - Thanks to Mitsiki The Doll Palace now has new 88x31 banners for our TopDolls section.

    11/03 - Just to keep everything up to date:
    We did have an email problem yesterday, this was the second time in last two months. We are working on protecting the site from this kind of failure in the future.
    Couple of additional functions were added to our IconMaker (new text effects), we are still testing them but everything is already available online.
    New TDP dollmakers are on the horizon.

    10/31 - Another Halloween surprise for DollPeople: TDP now allows you to use double clicks in the dollmaker. If you double click on the icon, selected image will be placed at the top of the "Build Place" automatically.

    10/30 - Halloween theme has been added... just for one day... :)

    10/27 - We spend last couple of days on improvements of our new icons maker. We added different font colors for text frames (blinkie style icons), text frame shifting and text outline colors. We also fixed small internal bugs and created example iconmaker buttons.

    10/23 - Thanks to Desiree The Doll Palace has new 150x40 banners.

    10/21 - Iconify option has been replaced with our new Animated Icon Maker.

    10/17 - We are working on extended version of Icon Maker, this will be the addition to our current "Iconize" feature. Hopefully we will be able to release it this weekend.

    10/16 - We updated Conversation Log in Avatarchat, current fix should stop multiplying the post message when avatar moves.

    10/15 - More icons, Icons Rating and Icon stars..

    10/13 - We approved the Icons uploaded to us last week; also removed support links from the bottom of the main menu. Helpdesk support system is used for TDP site support and ticket priority levels are set according to the user access level.

    10/12 - Added " Iconify " option in dollmaker for our premium members. This option allows to convert any of the created dolls to AIM icons (TDP Like AIM Icons) in a single click.

    10/10 - We did another small upgrade on the site to speed up the response during the peak time.

    10/09 - We are trying to start using new Helpdesk Software. All of the site related email questions / problems will be going through that system. We will put all the links up as soon as we complete testing.

    10/09 - Last upgrade was completed in 20 minutes, however we had to start it at 5:15PM instead of published earlier 6:30PM.

    10/08 - Today at 6:30PM EST The Doll Palace will be down for maintenance (we anticipate 10 min downtime).

    10/05 - We've added 2 Halloween dollmaker categories in our Thematic Dollmaker (all the promised pumpkins are there :) )

    10/03 - We added Halloween fonts to our dollmaker and decided to give standard users access to one font from the new collection. More Halloween items and pictures on the way...

    10/03 - We fixed minor issues with JPEG cropping in dollmaker and couple of other problems. We now constantly validating and adding more AIM and MSN Icons (submitted by our members).

    09/30 - We did have a problem with outgoing emails for the last couple of days. This problem has been fixed and all pending emails were forwarded to the recipients. Thank you TDP members for notifying us about this issue.

    09/27 - We added new "Crop" checkbox to our dollmaker. This tool allows you to easily crop the final doll image to its active size.

    09/24 - As promised we added The Doll Palace - AIM icons (TDP - AIM) to our icons selection. TDP - AIM icons are created from the dolls we have in our collection. MSN icons are coming in couple of days.

    09/21 - We did notice that site started to respond a bit slower than before. This is caused by the overload of the server during the weekend peak time. We will try to resolve this problem in 1-2 weeks.

    09/18 - We updated the codes in Get Dollmaker for your page section. We noticed that a lot of people were having problems with adjusting the size of the dollmaker subwindow (iframe) on their pages. Current codes will make sure the dollmaker space is displayed correctly. Please update your pages if you are using our dollmaker codes.

    09/17 - We finally were able to open the icons section. Currently you can download the icons that were donated to The Doll Palace during last 4 days. We also have plans on adding icons created from The Doll Palace dolls collection.

    09/16 - We would like to say thank you to our members that donated us AIM and MSN Icons. Even thought the section has not been released last weekend we will do our best to make it available this Sunday.

    09/16 - We were very excited to introduce you the TDP Fanlist project that was started couple of weeks ago. TDP Fanlist is not a Doll Palace project, however it is all about us and people that like TDP.

    09/13 - We opened the upload/donate section for AIM and MSN Icons. You can now share the icon you made with thousands of The Doll Palace people. Icons that you upload will appear in our new Doll Palace Icons Section as soon as it opens.

    09/12 - Don't miss it, this weekend buddy icons are coming to The Doll Palace. We will have new AIM and MSN collections, categories and voting.

    09/11 - Yesterday we had a problem with one of our servers, but we tried to do everything to make sure it did not affect the site. Some of our regular users with limited AOL accounts (not AOL master accounts) probably experienced the problem with images, however rest of the users were unaffected by this failure. The computer has been fixed and is back online so everyone should have complete access to the site.

    09/04 - We added "Private rooms" and "Whisper" to Avatarchat.

    08/31 - We updated "Pass It On" section and added "Email Selection" button to "Get Specific Dolls" section. This change will allow you to send any TDP cartoon dolls selection to your friends.

    08/28 - Most of our doll sections now have 'Pick Doll' feature that allows you to easily pick the doll as PNG file and 'Save', 'Copy' or 'Print' it. You can also use doll on Card, in Dollmaker or send it in email.

    08/28 - We did one of the major upgrades today, but you probably will not notice a difference since the site was working fast before the upgrade. The main goal of this change was to improve the reliability of The Doll Palace image servers.

    08/28 - This morning we did have a problem with avatar chat that reflected the front page view. It has been fixed in the afternoon.

    08/26 - We added whispering to our avatarchat. To try it just click the avatar that you want to whisper too.

    08/24 - We had a major problem this Saturday. The problem was caused by the failed nameservice provider. Even though all of our servers were up nobody was able to reach the site because name could not be resolved to the proper address. We changed nameservice provider, however this type of change (propagation) takes up to 24 hours. We will be implementing couple of changes in our infrastructure to protect the site against this type of failures in the future.

    I hope everyone will be able to visit the site soon.

    08/20 - Do not open any emails coming from (email contains a virus). We do not use this email address. We are trying to investigate the issue and contact provider resposible for sending out the mentioned emails.

    08/19 - We have many cases when people are sending viruses hiding behind email address. The global email service is created in a way where email can be easily changed and people are able to send mail using address even though they have absolutely nothing to do with The Doll Palace. We do not send any emails out unless you requested us to do so. We would not send any attachments except GIF, JPG or PNG files.

    08/15 - As you know New York lost power for almost 24 hours during the Blackout 2003. Most of our servers were operating; however we lost power and carriers in our main office. We were not able to use our monitoring systems based in NY and did not respond in time for a problem generated on one of the image servers late Thursday night. We currently have everything under control and operational.

    We are sorry for inconvenience caused by these events.

    08/12 - A lot of you already saw our new Avatar chat, but I just would like to announce that we finished beta testing of the chat and first version is available to every Doll Palace memebers. We will be working on adding rooms, backgrounds and sounds to the Avatar Chat. This chat profile is also integrated to The Doll Palace Friends section.

    08/12 - We would like to bring to your attention a new Blaster.Worm virus that started appearing on 8/16/03. If you are running windows please update all your antivirus software and install micorosoft patch from Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-026 (

    08/07 - "Safe" dollmaker items selection is now available on the Dollmaker Category Selection screen . We will be working more on items filtration in next 2 weeks.

    08/07 - We did have a router problem at 9:02AM this morning, everything should be back up and operational.

    08/06 - Fixed Dollmaker IFRAME problem.

    Dollmaker was patched to allow people to use it on their pages in Iframe without problems. The final window will not be maximized and iframe position on other sites should not change.

    08/05 - We made another performance improvement, site should be responding faster even during peak evening hours. We will be making another upgrade in 2 weeks, expect everything be even faster :)

    08/01 - I think borrowing someone's dollmaker becomes popular nowadays:) The Doll Palace now provides codes to place dollmaker on your page. You can find the link in the dollmaker category selection screen.

    08/01 - Get Specific Doll section is finished and published; now you can just email DOLL IDs to your friends and they will be able to easily bring up the mentioned in the email dolls.

    07/31 - We launched new Gallery contest and opened the space for next contest uploads. Don't waste time and take your only chance to win 3-4 months of Premium membership by participating in our contest. As always we will only accept first 150 uploads.

    07/28 - For last couple of days we worked on speed optimization of the site. The Doll Palace should be able to respond faster now and with our new upgrades coming in couple of weeks it will be even better.

    07/19 - As promised we fixed couple of transparency problems with animation effects in animator. We also added "Save" filemanager button to simplify image download.

    07/16 - Overlay effect has been published in our animator. Now you can use "Stretch" + "Squeeze" Horizontal Effect for wings and "Overlay" any doll on top of the prepared moving wings.

    We spotted couple of problems with "Preserve transparency" option in animator and will be working on eliminating dropped colors.

    07/14 - We added 4 more special effects into the animator, these effects were aimed to improve the creation of the animated wings. New overlay effect that will allow placement of any image on top of the ready animation will be ready in 1-3 days.

    07/11 - Added filtration to our dollmaker chat.

    07/08 - We fixed small issue with animator that we had for couple of days. We are really behind on validation of sites in TopDolls, we will try to finish all the sites in next couple of days, however it could take longer for new sites.

    07/07 - Finally our migration has been completed, there should be some improvements in reply speed especially during the "peak" evening hours, but more is coming. With our current structure we will be able to scale up without any other major problems.

    07/03 - It looks like in last 2-3 hours servers worldwide started propagation of our new location. You can notice some inconsistencies online. Everything should be completed in couple of hours.

    07/02 - We are closing some of our sections for 24 hrs for the migration and new updates. Tomorrow everything should be back up.

    06/30 - As Promised Unique Dollmaker is now available to everyone...

    06/27 - Good news for our premium members: we added ability to upload pictures to the filemanager. Now you can upload pictures you made using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or any other application (GIF, PNG or JPG). You can find the new "Upload File..." button at the bottom of the filemanager screen.

    06/26 - Our mailing address has changed. Old address will be available for 2 more weeks. You can find a link to our new address in "contact us" section of the front page.

    06/25 - Last couple of days we were very busy and didn't have a chance to post all the updates. We are getting ready for a major switch over that probably will take place next week. Early next week registration section will be closed for 2-3 days until everything is finalized. During this migration no new TDP accounts will be created, however if you already have an account you should be able to use it without any problems.

    06/19 - Why is the site so slow???
    -Summer Break and we are under very heavy load (almost doubled compare to January). We are working on getting additional capacity and service should improve in 10-15 days.

    06/19 - We fixed images on Friends section, thanks to our users for notifying us about this problem.

    06/18 - We finally added unique maker tab to our premium dollmaker. Standard categories of the unique maker will be available to our standard members in 7-10 days. This new tab brings additional ~3000 items in 52 categories. We are working on creation of the thumbnails for all the categories.

    06/17 - Because of the limit on public bandwidth we had to remove the doll codes. Every doll now has Doll ID that will help you to reference the image in coversation with your friends or TDP support.

    06/16 - Some news about upcoming unique maker: at least 30 categories will be added, we will try to complete everything before the end of this week.

    06/16 - Our provider had a DOS attack between 4PM and 5PM EST. During this period our lines to the main servers were overloaded and a lot of people were not able to reach the site. Our provider is doing its best, however there is no way to protect against these kinds of attacks.

    06/14 - We are trying to speed up the site a bit. It will take us couple of weeks to replace the server, but at least you know we are working on this :)

    06/14 - We were not able to access a lot of sites within zone (domain).

    06/10 - We locked down Images folder from direct linking, make sure you still have all the images on your site :).

    06/10 - We are still working on unique maker, there is a chance we will be done this weekend.

    06/04 - Once again we are late on Emails... If you need to contact us use Dollmail instead of Email.

    06/04 - We added more quotes to our DollQuote sections, also we created "How to Configure the Active Desktop" article in TDP manual .

    06/02 - We finished and published the DollQuote section!!! It was a very interesting project that we worked on during last couple of days. DollQuote generates dynamic quotes and allows you to take them to your active desktop.

    05/28 - We were getting a lot of complains from AOL users that images on the dollmaker were not showing up. We finally were able to resolve the problem with AOL Parental Control subsystem. Now AOL users with enabled parental control (filtering) should be able to access dollmaker items without any problems.

    05/28 - All networks and servers are up.

    05/28 - One of the networks we use went down, our provider is working on a solution. We transfered the load to the backup server, but some of the dollmaker items on Server0 will not appear.

    05/26 - We were away for couple of days and didn't have a chance to answer all the emails. We still have last Thursday emails in our Inbox and new emails are keep coming ... :)
    All premium users have much better chances to get in touch with us using "Support" link at the bottom of the homepage (main menu).

    05/20 - We added more fairies (Fantasy2 - Premium) items and started working on unique dollmaker. It will take us a while [couple of weekls] before new dollmaker will be finished and ready for release. We also work on thumbnails for existing categories. Unique dollmaker will come on a separate dollmaker tab and will be splitted 50-50 between premium and standard users. We currently are sorting the 4000+ props collection uploaded by our users and created by TDP.

    05/18 - As promised Wedding categories are finished and published in "Thematic" tab of the dollmaker. We do not have thumbnails for those categories yet, but you should be able to use them without any problems.

    05/15 - We added Articles to our Cartoon Dolls Section. Hopefully we will get new updates in that section soon. We are working on wedding dollmaker conversion and it will be up before the end of this weekend.

    05/13 - Our normal dollmaker server is back up, sorry for inconvenience everyone.

    05/13 - We switched dollmaker over to the alternate slower computer. We will try to resolve the problem in next 5-6 hours.

    05/12 - We currently have one of the servers down, we are working on a solution.

    05/09 - We keep working on news section, however today we were able to finish couple of other things. First of all we added public information tab to personal preferences section. Public info is used in Friends and Diary sections and we will use it in feature sections on the site.

    We started preparation for Wedding Categories dollmaker launch. We created category Body->Hands and moved all separated hands from accessories into that category, we also updated dollmaker flowers category.

    05/07 - We work together with dollerexpress on getting Doll News section up @ The Doll Palace. We already found a place for TOP Doll news section on our front page, but everything else is still in development stage.

    05/05 - We updated army section and added couple of other items. We are still testing our new server, but so far so good. I hope everyone likes the Doll Maker loading speed that we've got now.

    05/02 - We finally got our promised server up. Dollmaker should be loading really fast!!!!! I didn't believe my eyes the speed we've got with this new machine. This is a test run and probably we will be taking server off for some time this Monday to study the load and performance.

    05/02 - Another 4 effects for animator...

    04/30 - We added 4 more sliding effects into The Doll Palace Animator.

    04/28 - New Gallery contest has been started!!!

    04/28 - We are still waiting on our provider for a new server launch... Hopefully everything will be resolved tomorrow. Tonight we will be starting our new gallery contest. If you would like to participate in out feature Gallery contest don't miss your chance upload your images as soon as new contest starts.

    04/26 - Our line has been fixed and everything is back to normal.

    04/25 - We lost one of the dollmaker servers, we are trying to get in touch with operation control to bring the line back up. At this point we have no information when the server will come back up, but it should be resolved in couple of hours.

    04/25 - Our provider just informed us that new service will be on hold until Monday. Sorry everyone, we tried to do everything to start it before the weekend.

    04/24 - Slowly but surely :)
    We are in the final phase of the installation of the new dollmaker server. We probably will be able to start much better and faster dollmaker service before this weekend.

    A lot of people emailed us about timeouts and red crosses on the dollmaker, I hope this new addition will be able to solve most of the described problems.

    04/19 - Army Dollmaker category has been added. We will be adding more items for this category in the feature.

    04/13 - A lot of people were asking us for a way to send more props (items) for our dollmaker. We finished Items Upload section today. You can now submit your own items to be included in our dollmakers. Items Upload link is accessible from the homepage and dollmaker category selection page.

    04/10 - We added ability to add colored border to the dolls you make on Doll Palace Dollmaker.

    04/07 - We had to change the requirements on sending the doll as an attachment because of the different complains we were receiving in the last couple of weeks. From now on we will ask you to sign-in if you would like to send the doll as an attachment.

    04/07 - We added ability to set GIF images as your AIM Icons (previously only JPEG images were available for AIM).

    04/03 - Today we added 2 more special effects to the doll palace animator (In-Out and Out-Out effects).

    04/02 - We added vertical rotation affect to our animator. We also added ability to align the multiline text on the dollmaker. I think line align would be very handy for creating quotes in the feature.

    04/01 - Our animator has been extended with horizontal rotation effect, more effects (vertical rotation and sliding) are coming soon.

    04/01 - This is the first time in our history we've got over million visitors a month. :)

    03/29 - The image server is finally up, however we still are missing some of the images, we wil be able to restore everything completely on monday.

    03/28 - We have one of the servers down, we are working on it, it should be up in couple of hours.

    03/24 - We added the ability to set the location of the text that you add to the doll. Now everyone can create 100% ready doll quotes.

    03/18 - Last 4 days we were working on adding multiple text color capabilities to our dollmaker. Now font color selection is done almost like bbcode in forum. This way you can include multiple color sign on the doll you are creating.

    03/14 - Couple of buttons were added to the dollmaker output screen. We added "Copy" button that allows you to copy the doll to the clipboard and "Print" button that prints the image. More updates coming soon...

    03/12 - We fixed couple of issues with internal engine, response should be a bit faster now; however there is still no way for us to satisfy everyone during peak times :) We are working on couple of improvements that will speed up the site.

    03/12 - We did have a problem with ZIP codes during the registration and profile updates. The validation has been fixed yesterday, thanks everyone who brought it to our attention.

    03/11 - We changed the background color picker in our dollmaker, hopefully this will answer a lot of complains we were getting about backgrounds.

    03/08 - We finished Animator section, I think a lot of people were waiting for this. Animator will be avaible to our premium users only since it is relying on FileManager to provide the frames. Premium users now have "Start Animator" button in the filemanager section.

    03/05 - We added new version of the chat, new version is integrated with Doll Palace, has different filters and private /public rooms. New version of chat provides better security for all Doll Palace users. This chat does not have guestbooks, however you can use Doll Palace friends section to store your profiles and user comments.

    03/02 - Changed entire TopDolls search engine. We are testing our new search functions and results are much better then before. All the search results will be presented by relevance to the search.

    02/26 - We finished the TopDolls section. To make some of you happy :) we added anti-cheating gateway to our TopDolls. We also included the search panel for your site in the help pages for TopDolls section. Using this panel you can allow people to search for other doll sites from your site.

    02/26 - We decided to add search to our Topsites section. Now you can search the Topsites from the front page search panel and Topsites page itself. We also changed the layout on many pages in the Topsites section to make it use general TDP style.

    02/24 - Next and Previous buttons in diary section have been fixed. We also added ability to add / read comments for the diary entries where author allows them.

    02/23 - We added pages to report offences. This should help all of us to keep The Doll Palace safe.

    02/22 - GIF image type is finally available to our premium users. We are still testing different options; however you can already create dolls as .gif images. We also added GifWorks export for your convenience.

    02/17 - More brown and red dolls added to the collection. We created some of the dolls everybody was asking about. Check them out, probably we have the one you were waiting for.

    02/17 - We have some problems on the line to our standard dollmaker items server. Premium members still can use the dollmaker from Server1. We are working on a solution.

    02/16 - We fixed our cards (ecards) section to create cards using all possible colors. You can now send a card to your friend and card image will be created exactly as you see it. We also changed the banner text for all the small images created on the dollmaker.

    02/16 - We rearranged controls on the Doll Maker screen. Now they take less space and it should be easier to navigate. We also added zoom feature to the dollmaker. With True Color jpeg support and Zoom you can finally create dolls of any sizes, it works great for printing or AIM Icons.

    02/15 - TrueColor Jpeg images are now available. Finally you can create dolls without color problems. We also added zoom capabilities to our dollmaker. Hope you all enjoy this.

    02/13 - "Use Previous" checkbox in our dollmaker allows you to use your previously built doll as a background. Now you can reuse any items from our dollmaker infinitely many times. This addition great for building multiple dolls on a single image, you will always have all the items you need for another doll.

    02/09 - One of the image servers is down for the line maintenance. We expect it to be up in couple of hours.

    02/07 - New addition to our dollmaker: we added ability to include the name of the doll (or any text you type) on the picture. You can also select the size of the font (5-10). Our premium users will have ability to use larger fonts and in the feature select the font for the sign.

    02/04 - Bottom section has been changed to improve usability. It is now a bit smaller and simpler. We added search panel in the right bottom section.

    02/02 - We launched new store for custom items. Currently we only have pin-back buttons available for sale. More items coming soon. We will provide access to that store from the dollmaker for easy custom image ordering.

    01/30 - New gallery contest is finally open. Three winners from the previous contest won TDP premium memberships. You can find images that won by visiting the Gallery section -> Winners. Hurry up and upload your doll if you wish to participate in our new upcoming contest. Have fun, try your luck!

    01/28 - We've got new 88x31 banners, check out our Quotes and Banners page @

    01/27 - We are almost ready to open our new store with custom items, visit us soon to buy items with your dolls on them.

    01/24 - We started preparation to Valentines Day. We finished adding all the music themes we planned, we will play them now by default. Don't forget you can always switch music off or use our music player to select different tune.

    01/20 - We finaly have our mailing address, you can find it in our contacts info at the bottom of the front page. We already prepared our shopping section to accept money orders and cash checks to our mailing address. We will have mail order Premium subscriptions available very soon.

    01/11 - We are experiencing a small problem with our email server, your email will not be able to reach us for next 2 -3 days. Use dollmail if you would like to contact us in the mean time.

    01/17 - We made a couple of changes to the Dollmail, fixed the reply message and added some internal features. We added new "Jokes" forum to TDP Forums.

    01/12 - Our email servers are back up, however if you want to get a faster response consider using dollmail instead of email.

    01/09 - We were waiting for 2 months and finally it is here. Doll Palace shopping section opened today, we are glad to present you The Doll Cards. Very limited quantity of cards was printed specifically for The Doll Palace. You will not find them in any store, just here.... at TDP.

    We fixed small issue with our topsites rating system, now we actually control the way people rate topsites.

    12/28 - Added Previous and Next buttons to public diary, also changed the search screen methods to correctly display results.

    12/28 - We added hide and reset buttons for diary editing. Also picture will show up a bit differently in the public diary.

    12/25 - We added Christmas Theme, hope you enjoy it. You still can use MusicBox to select our old music, however Christmas songs will be playing by default for a couple of days :)

    12/23 - Finally it arrived!!!
    Doll Palace Diary is there. Last couple of weeks we were pretty busy with integrating TDP Diary with other parts of The Doll Palace. We are still testing many options in the Diary, but it should be ready to go. Give it a try....

    Have Fun, TDP Support team.

    12/20 - Monday we will start sending out our Doll Cards. Ordering will be put in place this weekend. We have very limited amount of cards printed. Check the site this weekend to order them for the holidays.

    12/20 - We are currently working on two new sections and this is the main reason why no updates were posted for so long. We will try to keep front page news up to date.

    12/03 - New dollmail patch allows sending messages to the multiple recipients. Also we fixed Ring images on Sites that link to us.
    We are working on a completely new section that should be available in couple of weeks. I know you will like it, sorry can not tell you anything else :) Have fun! Visit us often... Support People.

    11/29 - Great news for AOL users, now you can send the doll as an attachment to your AOL email account. (You will be able to receive the correct image and not the binary info).

    11/29 - After so many changes and fixed The Doll Palace screen saver is finally there. You can download our screen saver from our manual - download page or

    Have fun,
    TDP Support and Developemt Team.

    11/26 - New Holiday Dollmaker items are now available from "Thematic" dollmaker tab. Santa, New Year Trees, holiday dresses, everything you could probably wish for is now there.

    11/24 - We fixed small functionality flaw after user emails doll as an attachment.

    11/23 - After so many requests we've added creation of the AIM icons functionality to our dollmaker. Just build small JPG image and click new button "Set as AIM Icon".

    11/22 - Today we fixed all Java games (almost all were damaged during the migration). We also corrected couple of internal errors.

    11/20 - We are almost done with our Screen Saver. Visit us soon to get your own free Cartoon Doll screen saver.

    11/20 - We are finally finished the migration. This morning we started serving the content from our brand new server/line. We thank everyone for their hard work.

    11/19 - We are still in the process of migration. Our new servers are waiting for people, however name resolution provider is very slow with converting us to new addresses. Sorry everyone, we hope by tomorrow (Wednesday, November 20) everything will be up.

    11/17 - We are finally ready to move to a new location, we will be closing couple of areas tonight to complete the move. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be in sync and open again.

    11/14 - Why nothing new is coming up???
    -We are in the process of migration to a new server, as soon as it will be done we will start the development.

    11/02 - A lot of people were asking us to add more dolls to our selections. Today we added 7 more couples and a guy. Make sure you will check "~* New Dolls *~" link in the main menu.

    11/02 - Finished Terms And Conditions section. We included links at the bottom of the homepage.

    11/02 - Our main banner has been changed. Old banner was on the site for more than 2 years. We also finished ad management system for easy banner and link management.

    11/02 - Last check for ImgServer1 completed, server is fully online. We are expecting to get one more server to support our load in one month.

    10/29 - Image Server1 is finally up, thanks to our secondary provider.

    10/29 - We will work on color distortion in our dollmaker and cards. Fix probably will be up with a new server in couple of weeks.

    10/28 - Added new article in our manual section. We found that a lot of people had a problem with the site images if they were using personal firewalls. We provided sample of configuration for Norton Internet Security.

    10/27 - Changed front page news to history items. We will show you last 5 events, but you will be able to look at all the events by clicking the link underneath the history items.

    10/27 - Changed front page news to history items. We will show you last 4 events, but you will be able to look at all the events by clicking the link underneath the history items.

    10/26 - Custom Dolls Section now have search tab. We added search mechanism to Custom Doll Requests as well.

    10/26 - We were promised to have Image Server1 back online by monday/tuesday (Oct 28-29).

    10/25 - One of our image servers are still down, we have no control over it. We are trying to contact service provider but their entire network went down. We will try to manage the bandwidth with the available servers, but there will be slow down in responses from the site.

    We are aware of the problem, we are working on finding the solution.

    10/24 - Image server1 is down again, this time entire providers network went down. We can not provide any estimates when it will be up, hopefully in couple of hours.

    10/23 - More options for "My Requests" in "Custom Dolls". If you request has been filled you can now get the doll in "My Requests".

    10/21 - Added "My Requests" tab in custom dolls. Now you can check on every request you previously made.

    10/20 - New Gallery contest is open!!!! Hurry to upload your image if you want to participate in our next contest. Good Luck.

    10/19 - One of the image servers is down, hopefully we will get it back in couple of hours.

    10/18 - We finally added most of the thumbnails for our silent dollmaker and finished all the categories. We increased the sizes of the build place for premium users (up to 500x500).

    10/06 - 24 categories for our Silents Dollmaker are up for our premium users. We will be adding another 5-10 categories today. Limited version of this dollmaker will be available to our standard users as soon as we fix all the layouts and layering.

    10/03 - We started rolling out Silents Doll Maker. We probably will have it up completely before the end of the weekend. We have 6 categories up for our premium users. Much more is coming. :)
    Have Fun.

    09/30 - Found and fixed flow in "Category Layers" management for Premium user accounts. If you had your categories doubled, they should work fine now. We are still working on Silents. Almost all images are ready for the release.

    09/26 - We are still working on Silents dollmaker... Today we added one more option in "Custom Cartoon Dolls" section. Now you can fill specific request, even if this request is past due or was filled before. You can also ask people to send you requested doll by giving them your request number.

    09/20 - All servers are operational at this moment. We are working on Silents dollmaker, it probably will be available in a week or two.

    09/18 - Problems with our internet connection on Server0. We are working on it now, dollmaker should be up in couple of hours.

    09/17 - We are moving one of the servers, dollmaker items[server0] will not be available untill Wednesday EST). Premium users can still use Server1 or Local Items.

    09/13 - Added avatars to the forum. As always you can easily select one of our dolls or provide url of your own. (You should be familiar with this from "Friends Section")

    09/07 - Final fixes and new designs for forums. We also decided to provide our contact info on the front page. (We are passing each email through 2 sets of antivirus packages before it gets recipients. Do not waste your time sending the viruses or any infected attachments. We do not even see them.)

    09/05 - New Forums are in place. Integration was done in-house so expect some bugs, we are still working on fixing them. PHPBB looks much better than the one we had before.

    08/27 - New Red and Brown dolls have been added.

    08/27 - Email validation part for the registration of the new accounts has been updated.

    08/23 - Couple of fixes to the friends section. It should be a little bit easier to navigate in friends.

    08/21 - Added more fields in Custom Dolls, added timeframe for the dolls to be shown. From now on we will be showing the requests for last 3 days only.

    08/16 - Do not be passive, build custom dolls!
    We saw a lot of people requesting custom dolls, but not that many want to build and send one. I think we can put a contest here. Wait for new updates. Have fun.

    08/16 - We opened one more section - "Custom Dolls". Now you can request others to create a doll for you or you can create dolls requested by others. Create Dolls for people, become Recognized Doll Creator!!!

    08/15 - Fixed the counters problem that was slowing the site down.

    08/11 - Category Layers in The Doll Maker added. We were asked many times to add ability to change the layer for the particular category. We added this feature for our premium members. We will be adding some of the free content for our standard members soon.

    08/08 - One more round of The Doll Palace Gallery is finished. This time we decided to give all 5 winners premium memberships. We still think that Shakira should of won, but contest is contest and people are the judges :). If you want to participate in the next Gallery contest, upload you picture now, before other people filled all the places.

    08/08 - Couple of new dolls added to our Guys / Couples section.

    07/28 - We are in Yahoo listings.

    07/28 - We added smilies in our friends comments section. More smilies are coming.

    07/26 - We are almost done with the comments feature in our "Friends" section. We've seen that some of you already figured that out. :). Look at your friends profile, live them your comments, use The Doll Palace to make it fun.

    07/20 - Our Chicago image server is back up. Hopefully we will have everything up for a while now :)

    07/19 - Second day one of our servers is going down, we will try to resolve the problem ASAP (in couple of hours). We will try to change the drive so it will not happen any more.
    Thank you everyone for staying with us.

    07/16 - We are working on making many of the sections to load faster with moving some of the load to the one of our new servers. Hopefully it will help a littel.

    07/13 - Friends section is almost completed, we are adding friends comments section next week, come again.

    07/07 - Finally our first beta release of the Doll Palace Friends is out. Try it out, we will be changing a lot of things, but core is finished, so you can go ahead and create your profile!

    06/30 - For a couple of days we had database problems, hopefully all of them were fixed this sunday (Thanks to our DB and Server Support Group).

    06/27 - Our New Banners were not whowing up before on other people pages. We just fixed that bug so feel free to put our banner on your site.

    06/26 - We corrected the dollmaker chat issue. Now full nick is displayed in the chat.

    06/22 - 6 more new dolls added.

    06/20 - Fixed a problem related with AOL and Compuserve email timeouts. (sign-up email verification)

    06/17 - Everything is back up. Sorry for the downtime.

    06/16 - One of the servers went down this sunday, will be up monday morning EST. Sorry for this, but we just do not have any access to that server at this moment.

    06/07 - Hey everyone, this is Jessica and I know I havent made any personal anouncments lately but now I just want to apologize to everyone who cannot access this site because it is running too slow. Please understand that we are doing our best to solve that problem. I was just reading the guestbook and I was so happy to see so many pf you still like this site. I am trying to think of new sections of dolls to add currently but we are having problems with giving out the codes for the dolls. We want to make a Divaz and Silents sections later on this summer. Hope you guys keep coming back. XoXo. Enjoy ~ JeZz

    06/06 - 16 more doll added.Check our New Dolls Section.

    06/03 - Finally we finished our third gallery contest with three new winners. Check out new Gallery dolls (8 new pages).
    Don't miss your chance, upload your image to participate in our next gallery contest.

    05/16 - Dolls are moved to different server. We are trying to balance the load a little bit better to make site a bit faster. Thank you for staying with us.

    05/14 - Added section with games, more dolls and section wich shows new dolls in the collection.

    05/10 - Some duplication errors found in the system. If your account is not recognized, just use forgot password feature to get the password sent to you.

    05/03 - We opened gallery upload section for 200 more uploads! Hurry up, upload your doll before we will start a new contest next week.

    05/03 - We are in process of extending our dollmaker with new Diva items. Visit us soon to make Divas...

    04/28 - Added boys names to the dollmaker and enhanced it with personal names. Now you can give the doll the name you want.

    04/28 - We added new quotes and 2 more animated dolls.

    04/25 - Doll Palace Clock is released. Sometimes we had a trouble figuring out current user time. People all over the world are going to the site. We decided to add this timer to the site, enjoy.

    04/19 - 2 new item categories in dollmaker. We added free category with animals and premium with flowers, also local items package was updated, so if you are a premium user - welcome to download a new package.

    04/18 - We've got our new banners in place. You are welcome to use our new banners on your pages. (See Quotes and Banners Pages)

    04/16 - We finally finished the development of the Personal Pages section. Now people can create the page and tell all their friends about it. We are working on The Doll Palace directories. Visit us soon to register for a recognized doll creator status in our feature directories.

    04/13 - Personal pages enhanced with HTML Editor. It helps you create you Doll Palace page in very friendly environment.

    04/10 - Server WW1 was up in minutes, thanx to our provider for quick response.

    04/09 - Problems with one of the servers. We will expect WW1 up in hours, currently service for personal pages is affected (40%), our dolls (in categories) will not show up (100%).

    04/09 - Personal Pages for our Premium Members. Don't miss it! Now you can have your own page at We just started working on it, but you can start building your page now. (Follow the link for "Member Pages" from the main menu).

    04/08 - Yahoo Internet life magazine is running contest on best and worst sites on the Net. You are welcome to send your opinion about to They are requesting you to send name of the site, URL, and one sentence description (utility,uniqueness, altruism, charm). Do not send more then one email. Let them know if you hate us, or if you like us.
    (Source YIL, May 2002, P.67)

    04/07 - Added more items in Fantasy section. Prepairing two new dollmaker sections "Animals" and "Flowers". We are working on the Doll Palace Directories. Artificial Support Doll Nataly decided not be released untill we will get a new server. New Doll is very heavy on resources.

    03/30 - Added new "Get Doll" feature to the dollmaker. Now you can look at other people dolls. Dollmaker is getting more complicated every day, we compiled small manual to help new people with it (You can find new link on the dollmaker)

    03/28 - We have changed the old QLCH section which did not seem to have a point to the new "Quotes & Banners" page. Now the main point of the QLCH is on a different page. Enjoy!

    03/27 - Working on speeding up premium dollmaker. We released Dollmaker Local Items package that helps to use dollmaker. Preparing 2 more categories for the dollmaker.

    03/25 - Continuing on the development of the Nataly. Also we preparing new items for the premium dollmaker and rethinking the approach. We gave our premium users option to use additional server for the dollmaker, so hopefully this will resolve some of the problems people are having.

    03/19 - Working on Artifitial Support Doll Nataly. Trying to teach her couple of things so she will be able to help people. It is still a robot, but what can I do about it. Probably Nataly will be talking on the site later this week.

    03/18 - Catched a minute to update front news.... I think everyone find our new chat in the dollmaker. You can get extended version with nice graphical interface if you follow the link "Extend Chat" (It takes forever to load :) ).
    Currently working on Dollmaker. We added TAB selection and more categories. Have fun!!!

    03/12 - We've got additional hosting provider, all dolls are moved there and are much faster now. We are not sure if links are working or not, probably we will have to take the links out soon.

    03/08 - HEY! It should be the holiday, at least for some people in former USSR countries. FYI : March 8 people are celebrating a Women Day. Now you know when to ask for flowers:)

    03/08 - We are trying out new hosting provider. All dolls collections were moved to a different server. Line is pretty fast but sometimes it encounters black-outs. We do know about this and working to fix this issue. If everything will work out fine we will try to move more stuff on that line to speed up current server.

    03/06 - One more premium IQ test will be published this evening. This one is much harder than the General one, but scoring is fair enough.

    03/06 - We bought additional bandwidth. Expect faster responses starting next week!!! Will try to speed up the migration before the weekends. :-)

    03/01 - Finally finished alpha version of the MusicBox. Feel free to use it. I think it is pretty nice to have background music while on the site.

    02/27 - Sorry for not updating front page news, just want to let you know that we are working on extending IQ tests section also we adding more premium dollmaker items. All this will be available this week or early next week. Next good news - we are designing Directories section - PenPal, Custom Doll Creators etc. Should be really nice one for finding each other. Currently we have no time estimates when new section will be ready.

    02/21 - I could not stop from this comment sorry...
    Some people think that premium features are not cool enough to pay for it. You don't have to pay for it, but you have to deal with stuff you have for free. We are trying to make this site better and faster (and faster is our primary concern for now). We have to pay for it; this is why we started charging people money. Of course we can provide you with thousands of pop-up's all the time, but I thought people would appreciate us for not doing this. The is proud to be pop-up free site from its very beginning in 1999 till now.

    02/21 - We finally put up new gallery items. Who is going to win this time?

    02/19 - IQ Section is finally up. More IQ Tests are coming. Visit us soon. Working on extension of the current dollmaker.

    02/13 - Premium membership sign-up section was updated to allow email addresses different from the Doll Palace to be used to pay for a membership. Just too much frustration figuring out who paid for what.
    IQ is still under the development, probably will be in release early next week.

    02/09 - Cool Dolls is back up. Congratulations. We are heavily working on the development of the IQ test section.

    02/04 - We just found that Cool Dolls( was deleted by Angelfire. Angelfire is the part of lycos network. We really sorry for author of the site. Site was really nice. With every site you have, make sure you have a backup (local) copy. It is in their interest delete the content of the site and rely on you not having a backup. Ads are not bringing anything into their pocket now, but they have to pay for traffic. Cooldolls was legally placed on the angelfire and they had no reason to delete the site except for saving their bandwidth.

    02/04 - Finally finished Personal Templates section for Premium Users. Are you still thinking about Premium Membership? :-)

    01/25 - Working on templates for the dollmaker. We will carry public templates and our premium users will be able to have as many as they want private templates.

    01/24 - Finally finished gallery upload section (more work pending). Added Paint Together section and added favorites icons. Have fun....

    01/18 - Alpha Release of the Manual. This section was created in a rush so there is a high possibility for errors. We will correct them later on.

    01/14 - Development of the Manual section. Adding more cards. Improving verification of the registration screens. More development for Premium Users.

    01/07 - Finished Directory for premium users, fixed dollcard problem with creating more then one card per session. Added more background music to The Dollpalace Cards.
    Installed dollmaker bandwith protector. If you are using urls to our doll maker images on your site, please remove them , because they will not work.

    01/05 - Dollmail Member Directory light search added. Found error in The Dollpalace Cards when more then one Doll Card is created during the sinle logon. Will be fixed this weekend.

    01/01 - Fixed mail problems whith reverse lookup. Now AOL and Verizon users should be able to receive all the mail. This problem was spotted last week during the service request.

    12/31 - DollMail is released. Have fun. Happy New Year everyone.

    12/30 - DollMail - New feature for the message exchange between users on the Doll Palace is almost done. We tried to use friendly familiar interface, hopefully everyone will be OK with this. Feature is scheduled for release early next week.

    12/26 - Heavily working on cards section. Adding new cards, fixing errors verifying types and processing. Added horizontal/vertical folding to the card. Development of the music cards.
    Planned future development:
    1.Upload page for the gallery.
    2.Doll Palace Members Message exchange. - This will be the first step towards the creation of the groups on the Doll Palace.

    12/16 - Line with Image Server is up.

    12/16 - Line with image server went down. Doll maker is not expected to work until connection will be reestablished. Expecting to fix before tomorrow.

    12/16 - Cards Section is finished. We will be adding more categories and pictures soon. As well we plan to add music cards.

    12/15 - As some of you may have noticed some codes for the dolls are temporarily unavailable. We are thinking of ways to take care of this problem at the moment but for now all the new dolls that are added will come without codes. You will have to save them to your own computer and then upload them to your site to use them. We are very sorry about this. But this should only be temporary.

    12/06 - Completely changed Live Support, now we finally will be able to talk with people without waiting on the page to refresh.

    12/05 - Live Support will be available when we are online. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. We have plans to start development of The Doll Palace Cards section. Probably your New Year cards you will be able to send from!!!

    11/30 - Good News!! We found additional bandwidth. We will still keep current bandwidth throttling on this server, but a lot of static things will be moved to an additional server on a separate line.

    11/28 - We had to start limiting the banwidth. Our line is overloaded at this point. We are looking for a privider that will be able to host our image library for reasonable price and/or banners. Any proposition can be send to us using "Advertise With Us Link".

    11/26 - Today we found 5 first winners of our gallery contest. As we promised we gave all of them ability to upgrade their accounts. Follow to the "Gallery" to see what is going on.

    11/25 - We finally finished our Privacy Statement. I know how is everyone paranoic about their personal information especially if you have to provide the details like we ask during the registration. Don't worry this information will never leave us. If anyone interested in privacy statement, follow links from the sign in page.

    11/22 - Happy Thanksgiving! Since it's the weekend we are going to relax a little but expect to see more new dolls coming your way!

    11/21 - The Doll Palace Galery is finished. This is first step of the file upload development. We are working on the uploads now. Take a look!!!

    11/16 - Finally we decided to finish the upload your doll feature. It will be under heavy development next couple of days. As far as we see, it will be the contest type upload, so you upload your doll first and then people will vote for it browsing through the upload library. We will give a free monthly premium membership to the doll of the week author. (Gallery contest, as we call it now)

    11/15 - Decided to add a store from We found them couple of days ago. Spend some time to prepare high-res banner and here you go.

    11/12 - Plane just crashed in couple of miles from us. Have no idea what is going to happen next.

    11/11 - Premium Content is Up. Want to manage dolls you make - sign up. We were doing hardware upgrades on the line today so connection was interrupted 2 times.

    11/10 - File Manager Development finished. Expecting to open premium membership this weekend. Don't worry, we will not close any current parts of the site. We will just extend the site and premium members will have access to those areas.

    11/08 - Minor changes to the dollmaker to simplify access for the members. Added more items in Doll Maker. Added guys heads that all of you were asking about.

    11/05 - We finally found stable location for our image library. If you are using our dolls, please make sure you have updated URLs.

    11/04 - Finished the central registration system /my or This system allowed us to open our forum and guestbook.

    10/21 - We are back from the vacation, new stuff is coming.

    10/08 - Modified the engine of the dollmaker to help people without patience. Now you can't drag until the maker fully initialize.

    10/04 - All posting is closed due to the scandal with, please do not visit that site if want to be able to post messages in our forums and guetbook in the future. (Our filtration system is still functioning)

    10/04 - There is a new section on the Dollmaker where you can see what others are creating at the moment.

    10/04 - We had to block all users that come from specific sites. We are sorry, but again and again we are just trying to protect ourself.

    10/01 - As we promised, New Doll Maker is open. Please post your comments.

    09/29 - Major reconstruction of the doll maker is almost finished, we will try to reopen it before monday.

    09/29 - Any user posting messages that contain profanity words will be banned from posting. I don't mind people saying their opinions about closed dollmaker, but we will not tolerate profanity words.

    09/28 - We had to increase security more. We are sorry if
    some of you can't use guestbook or forums, but we have to protect ourself from outside idiots.

    09/27 - Fixed a problem with the url for all the dolls. Please change url on your site, if you are using dolls from our page.

    09/26 - We have a problem with the remote storage. We are fixing it right now. All dolls will be up tomorrow, but you will have to change the codes.

    09/26 - It was a tough task to build central filtering system in one day, but I think it was accomplished successfully. This does not guarantee that we wont get nasty messages any more, but we will have at least some control over them.

    09/24 - We are in process of adding dollmaker details. Visit us soon for new builder.

    09/24 - Hi! Just stop please..I have deleted the guestbook for your sake, yes YOUR, I don't care what you think, I have a life unlike you, some of you post messages about me, on my site, proving that YOU DO NOT HAVE A LIFE! I'm sorry, I am not about to go down just cuz of you...well I hope you like my dolls, thanks for all the nice comments, all the people who do like this site...thanks ( period)

    09/23 - TopSites (Top Dolls) Section is up. We decided to go with our system because of recent problems with servers.

    09/20 - Due to school work and all the usual stuff I will not be able to do as much stuff as usual, sorry, but I will have updates once in a while so check them out, thanks =)

    09/18 - Finally we are up. We had a connectivity problem after the World Trade Center 7 building collapsed. Slowly service is coming back up.

    09/11 - WTC!!! Collapsed.

    09/03 - The "Guys" section is currently unevailable due to the demand of codes, which I am working on right now. After all the codes are done for ALL the dolls I suggest everyone replaces their old codes for the danger of all the old codes being deleted.

    08/31 - We started our web ring. If you want your site to participate, follow the link from the main page.

    08/24 - The DollMaker Forum is Up. I decided to put the forum here to reduce the amount the questions people ask.

    08/21 - The Doll Maker is finally here! It is still in beta version, but hopefully I will finish it very soon.

    08/18 - Hey I am sorry to do this but I am leaving for 2 weeks for a vacation, I don't think I will be adding that much new things after that because of school but I will try to finish the doll maker when I come back. Also please do me a favor and don't sign my guestbook for now so when I come back I can read it all. Thank You ~ Jezzie

    08/15 - I am adding a lot of new stuff soon, including more codes and a dollmaker! I am taking off the upload your doll section temporarly so I can pick some dolls to create a new section. I don't really have time to make new dolls now but if I get a minute I will be sure to add some for you, thanks a lot and enjoy!

    08/08 - I got the best news! Now all the dolls in the Blondes and Brown & Red section have codes! Check them out. If you use the code please dont edit it in any way or it might not work just copy it as it is. Also we got a chat! Anyone who is interested visit it, Hang on for more changes!

    08/06 - Preparing 2 New Sections and optimizing the code for dolls. Got a new section, Black haired dolls, codes for that and most other dolls coming soon!

    08/02 - I moved my site and now it's much faster. I am changing a lot of codes and going to be working on a lot of things in the next couple of days. PLEASE DON'T E-MAIL ME since I won't have time to answer any. I will make more dolls when I get the chance

    07/25 - I finally added more celebs and guys, check them out! Working on a black haired page right now. ALso A new Black Haired section, codes to most dolls coming soon!

    06/01 - I added some more blondes and I am working on more brunettes and guys right now, expect more stuff soon enough! Come back for updates =)

    06/01 - Hi everyone I just wanted to tell you that the FAQ page is really important and that it's purpose was for people to stop emailing me with the same questions. Please don't email me with any questions that I have preiuously answered in the FAQ page cuz its there for a reason, please take your time to read it before you start asking the same stuff. I don't mind that you are all interested in dolls and my page, but I want to make dolls for you not answer the same emails over and over. Thanx again, I love all the support you guys are giving me, its very insperational and makes me want to make even more dolls!

    06/01 - I made a new section, it's the FAQ page, it's like the help page so if you have any questions please visit it before e-mailing me and check if there isn't an answer for it already. Well thanx and enjoy my page!

    06/01 - Also if you like this site please vote for me in the "Top 30 Cartoon Doll Sites" a button for that is all the way at the bottom of this window. The links on the right are the categories of dolls click on them to find the dolls you want! All the pages have more explanations, please read them first, or if your just confused, have a good time and come back =)

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